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Getting Organized and Managing Your Time

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1 Getting Organized and Managing Your Time
Chapter 2 Getting Organized and Managing Your Time

2 Attend Classes Always attend the first class
Meet instructor and classmates Take notes Learn about resources Receive important handouts Make it a priority to attend every class

3 Organizing for Classes
Use class materials: course documents are the game plan for the course and may include: Syllabus Class schedule Course materials list Study guide/lecture outlines Practice exercises and assignment instructions

4 Download This! Course materials are often available online. Make sure you have what you’ll need to access the instructor’s site: The URL (web address) Your user name Your password Keep your password in a safe place If you happen to lose a document, you can print out a copy from the website.

5 Stay Organized Organize your class paperwork daily
Set up a binder/folder for each class with syllabus at the front File all folders in the appropriate folder

6 Getting Organized on Campus
Familiarize yourself with your school, the campus, and its resources Obtain a course or college catalogue Get a campus map

7 Campus Resources Tutoring Learning labs Writing centers Computer labs
Libraries Fitness centers Career placement services Counseling

8 Human Resources Resources are often people: Instructors Office hours
Scheduled meetings Other students

9 Tips for Scheduling Success
Organize a schedule that works for you: Schedule classes evenly throughout the week to avoid burnout and overload. Balance tough courses. Keep personal commitments in mind when scheduling classes. Make informed decisions when choosing your instructions.

10 Organizing Your Time Talk to someone if you are floundering
Take a break every hour; move around Use unscheduled time to work ahead Keep your momentum and save tasks like checking messages for a scheduled break Reward yourself for tasks completed

11 Organizing Your Time (con’t)
Maintain your focus by letting others know when you are studying Have a life by making time for your family, friends, and yourself Use a calendar planner and/or daily to-do list

12 Organizing Your Time (con’t)
Use calendars for short- and long-range planning: A long-term yearly calendar for home A small weekly planner to carry Daily to-do list (notecards, paper, or electronic)

13 Managing Time by the Year
Record on your yearly calendar: Class times and instructor office hours Midterm and final exam dates Due dates for papers and projects Deadlines for completing project phases Extracurricular events, holidays, and vacations Deadlines for add/drop and registration

14 Managing Time by the Week
Schedule on your weekly calendar: Regularly scheduled events Review of notes and lectures, both before and after class Group similar activities together 50-90 minutes study times with 15-minute breaks Assignments, readings, and papers due Quizzes and tests

15 Setting Up Your Weekly Calendar
Create on a Sunday, before the week begins. Be realistic about the amount of time you estimate for each activity. Mark down due dates for Homework assignments Papers Upcoming quizzes and tests Assigned readings

16 Managing Time Daily Check your weekly calendar each night and write down the next day’s activities Tasks should be specific and able to be accomplished in the time you have Allow some flexibility Reward yourself for tackling all of the items on your to- do list

17 Priorities Set priorities for Tasks Class attendance Homework

18 Procrastination Pitfalls
Recognize excuses: I’m not in the mood I feel like taking a break I’ll do it tomorrow I’ve got plenty of time I don’t know where to start I like working under pressure I need to do other things first

19 Procrastination Pitfalls (con’t)
Getting started Do a little at a time Juggle deadlines Set realistic goals Stay focused Be confident about your decisions Keep goals in mind

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