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TAMING THE CLOCK Tutor Training Module, Level 1. A Winners Wisdom Article by Jim Stovall Your destiny awaits. Today is the day!

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1 TAMING THE CLOCK Tutor Training Module, Level 1

2 A Winners Wisdom Article by Jim Stovall Your destiny awaits. Today is the day!

3 Time Management The #1 skill students need is the ability to plan. There are 168 hours in a week. Where do you spend your time? Tutors can assist students by helping them map out where there time is being spent. Handout: Where Do You Spend Your Time?

4 How Well Do You Plan? Exercise

5 Planning Your Schedule With a little effort you can make a schedule that gives you more freedom and time to do the things you have to do & the things you want to do Remember that in college you are expected to study for one hour for every hour that you spend in class Lets practice how to use a planner. Handout: Monthly Calendar

6 What can you get out of scheduling your time better? More free time Time to explore new hobbies & interests Time to do more things Improved study habits A sense of purpose

7 Points to ponder when creating your schedule Prioritize, which classes require more study time Study before or after class if possible Schedule sufficient time for studying Rope off time for large projects Schedule free time Have room for flexibility & to accommodate when things come up

8 The Top Five Ways to Tame the Clock 1. Set goals 2. Avoid Procrastination 3. Avoid Distractions 4. Keep a To do Today list 5. Plan shorter and more frequent study periods

9 Goal setting Write down your goals & let at least one other person know about your goal, it adds to accountability Prioritize your goals using the A,B,C method A=high priority B=medium priority C=low priority

10 Goal setting Review your goals daily, evaluate how youre doing in regards to achieving them Visualize yourself achieving your goals, how were you successful?

11 Avoid Procrastination What is procrastination? How can you control it? Break assignments & projects into smaller tasks Set deadlines in which certain details must be completed before the final project is due, record these in your personal study schedule Keep track of your progress in completing a project Write date due in your assignment notebook

12 Avoiding Distractions You need to avoid distractions when it comes to using your time wisely. What distractions can you avoid? Limit Phone, TV, & Computer Time

13 Keeping a To Do Today List Keeping a To Do Today list is similar to setting goals, you should look at is as your goal sheet for the day You can prioritize it using the A,B,C method Even if you dont complete every task, being able to cross at least one thing off your list should be rewarding Use Note cards!

14 Planning Study Time Research shows that studying more frequently for shorter periods of time is more beneficial when it comes to remembering information Therefore, keep that in mind when you complete your study schedule If you have to study for a long period, take breaks & come back to your work

15 Time Management Can be very structured or flexible Change your time management plan as your life and study needs/activities change The best advice in regards to time management is that one size does not fit all, you have to find what works best for you

16 Role Play How would you respond?

17 Scenario #1 Jim comes to the Math Tutoring Center looking for assistance with his homework. He is struggling to learn the material. He confides that he doesnt always make it to class. He states that his time is limited by other commitments. He has a full-time job, a wife and two kids to take care of. He feels like he is under a lot of pressure.

18 Scenario #2 Dayonne confides to you that she is overwhelmed by her college classes. She is struggling to get her work done on time and the As she used to make in high school are now Cs. Her parents are upset with her because she doesnt have a job (She has scholarship to attend KCKCC). She doesnt want to lose her scholarship or disappoint her parents.

19 Scenario #3 It is 1:10 and your tutee, Marcus isnt here for your tutoring session yet. He is always late! Last time he was 15 minutes late, the time before that he didnt even show up. You decide to wait 5 more minutes. Still no Marcus. You gather your belongings and head out the door. In the hallway you see Marcus. He is apologetic and asks if you can still see him for a couple minutes.

20 There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure. -Colin Powell

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