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For school, for work, for life!

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1 For school, for work, for life!
TIME MANAGEMENT For school, for work, for life!

2 Goals of this session Evaluate your personal values, goals and roles
Reflect on current approaches to time management Develop effective time-management skills. Successfully prioritize your life! Rosalie 2

3 Benefits of Time Management
Reduces frustration and anxiety Sense of achievement Better grades/eliminates cramming Motivates and initiates action Increases your energy level More time to do things you enjoy Achievement: Effective time management includes smart goal setting techniques, which will help you to realize where you are going and to see the optimal path there. Satisfaction: Prevent that subconscious guilt for those undone things we think we should be doing or should have done Energy: The undone things circulating in your mind cost you much more time and energy than the things you have done or are doing.

4 More freedom = More responsibility
University Life More freedom = More responsibility

5 Where does your time go? Class/Assignments/Studying, etc. Social life
Work Volunteer Hobbies Gym/fitness Personal care Household stuff MSN/ Facebook /Computer/TV Relaxation

6 What is a Value?

7 A value is an enduring belief about what is worthwhile.
Why talk about values? Freedom Spirituality Acceptance Integrity Success Culture Economic Chris Definition + They determine which behaviours and objectives are desirable to you and which are not. Organization Respect Education Order Ambition Friendship Cooperation 7

8 What is a Role?

9 Role: A role is something that an individual is expected or responsible to be. Why talk about roles? Sister Coach Care-Giver Employee Chris Brother Student Son Role Model Athlete Group Member Daughter Friend 9

10 Complete Activity

11 So, basically… Making a personal statement of your values and roles helps you to center your life around what you believe in and make goals that fit who you are.

12 Values and roles change—re-evaluate Life experiences
Keep in mind that how you spend your time dictates what you can expect from life. Need to be realistic. If you spend your time playing video games, you can’t expect to be….

13 Scheduling

14 What is a Priority?

15 A priority is something that holds importance and precedence over other things in our life.
Why talk about priorities? Making the Dean’s List Graduating Winning Scholarship # 3 Networking # 4 Rosalie # 5 # 1 Expanding my world view ABC Getting a job # 2 15

16 Prioritizing using ABC:
A Activities Urgent and important B Activities Should be completed as soon as possible C Activities Can be put off indefinitely without extreme consequences Rosalie 16

17 Individual Activity Think of 10 things you would like to accomplish in the next week. Assign them A, B, or C in importance.

18 Tips when making your schedule
Be specific Be reasonable Be flexible, use a pencil Don’t forget to schedule breaks Plan for the unplanned Set deadlines for yourself

19 Consider your needs and preferences
Body rhythms and habits affect how each person deals with time Am I a morning person or a night owl? Am I chronically late or always early? When do I have the most energy? Do I focus well for long stretches or need regular breaks?

20 Procrastination... Who ME....Never!
You’re not alone...almost EVERYONE struggles with procrastination

21 Time Wasters Group Brainstorming: What wastes your time?
Prevents you from doing work? Distracts you? Keeps you from focusing? When you choose to watch TV, you are basically saying that you value TV more then you do at achieving good grades in school. Why does this happen?

22 Why do we procrastinate?
Assigning importance We are driven by demands that speak the loudest We are overwhelmed by the task or do not feel it is within our capability

23 Other causes: Waiting for the “right mood” or the “right time”
A fear of failure (or success!) Poor organizational skills Perfectionism

24 Procrastination Can stop people from achieving success and reaching their goals. Recognize it, understand why it happens and take active steps to limit it.

25 Three Simple Steps for Time Management
Plan Prevent Procrastination Periodically Prioritize

26 Plan Plan your week in advance Set short and long-term goals
Post monthly calendars at home Don’t over-plan your schedule Schedule study time when you will be effective Break large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones

27 Periodically Prioritize
Develop your own system to prioritize things in your day planner Spend 15 minutes per day re-prioritizing and scheduling Create a daily to-do list Set realistic goals

28 Prevent Procrastination
Don’t leave things to the last minute Use a day planner! Stick to your schedule Go to the library Don’t allow yourself to be interrupted Say NO (when appropriate) Ask for help in getting started

29 How do I put all these amazing time management skills into effect in my life?

30 The Day Planner

31 Daily to-do Lists, Day Planners and Calendars
Time Management 101 Values, Roles, and Goals Procrastination Prioritization Daily to-do Lists, Day Planners and Calendars

32 Questions? Rosalie 32

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