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Time to Manage! Best Practices on the Road to Good Time Management.

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1 Time to Manage! Best Practices on the Road to Good Time Management

2 Time Management Fairy

3 Blocks of Study time Same time each day. No distractions/mobile devices/text messaging. Note due dates on a calendar. Blocks of time / 45-50 minutes. Take short break, have a snack, re-energize. Plan a weekly review- quick scan and reminders. Take advantage of open time windows: exercising, waiting in line, in traffic. Mental reviews.

4 Peak Performance Big picture calendar. Schedule fixed commitments: meetings, projects, exams, athletic events. Dont forget to leave time for social life, family and self. Build in some flexibility. Prioritize-start with most difficult. Weekly schedule? Daily to dos? Review notes right after class if possible. First 24 hours for peak retention.

5 Follow the plan Identify resources you may need. Dont allow peer pressure or short term gratification to divert you. Focus and follow up. Get something done! Details not always evident at start.

6 Set priorities There is always more to do. Todays actions are tomorrows outcomes. Actions steps. Visualize positives. How much time and energy will I invest?

7 Overcome procrastination Without a date youll procrastinate Have a goal to finish early. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Keep stress to minimum. Avoid last minute actions. Count backwards from due date. Consider all obligations. Then set a start date for specific project or assignment.

8 Backcasting Try to look back from your future. What might have been most significant, most ideal, most well timed to have accomplished? One week from now? One month? One year? Five years? End of your life?

9 5 apps to explore iProcrastinate Organize, set priority levels, manage large projects. inClass Create audio, text or video notes. Easy to share. Quizlet Digital flashcards. Outliner Organize notes, tasks, create and edit outlines. iStudiez Pro A digital hub for student academic life.

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