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TIME MANAGEMENT Controlling Your Time : Controlling Your LIFE.

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1 TIME MANAGEMENT Controlling Your Time : Controlling Your LIFE

2 Time Management Involves Identifying goals Setting priorities Anticipating possible changes Controlling your life by controlling your time Making a commitment to being punctual Not procrastinating Seeing your plans through to completion Two main ways to control time Saving it Allocating it with schedules

3 Where and When to Study Use a regular study area Study where you’ll be alert Use a library Study difficult subjects first Be aware of your best time of day Use waiting time

4 Time Management Tips Time Management Tips re=related re=related Please click the link and watch the video from Timer 18:23-23:25 1. Prioritize What are your goals? Do important things first. Be realistic. 2. Make a To-Do List List each task and prioritize. Attach due dates. Review and cross off activities.

5 Time Management Tips Time Management Tips 3. Use Organizers Something that works for you Calendars, day-timers, datebooks, electronic organizers, etc. D2L Calendar Click on the Calendar in your D2L menu and record assignments, deadlines, tests, papers, and due dates.

6 Time Management Tips Time Management Tips 4. Be Flexible Plan for interruptions Don’t plan too much Plan to take breaks 5. Use Down Time  Waiting at doctor’s office  Waiting for microwave to reheat coffee  Between classes

7 Sticking to a Schedule provides greater control encourages relaxation saves time provides freedom increases flexibility

8 Classes Sleeping Eating Work Schedule Strategies for Scheduling Schedule fixed blocks of time first

9 Time for errands Flexibility Realistic goals Time for fun Strategies for Scheduling Schedule for real life

10 Study 2 hours for each hour in class Plan for the unplanned Set clear start and stop times Avoid marathon study sessions Strategies for Scheduling Schedule study time wisely

11 The three-part scheduling plan 1. The master schedule 2. The weekly schedule 3. The daily schedule

12 Your Semester Master Calendar  Begin with blocking all class and lab times.  Block all other set time obligations.  Work  Church  Club/Organization Meetings  Highlight due date of all exams, projects, papers, home work assignments.  Work backwards from exams and papers and map out study/writing time.  Include regular breaks and leisure activities. 2009

13 Weekly Plan Spend just 30 minutes mapping out the upcoming week. Ask yourself these questions about the week: What do I expect to accomplish? What will I have to do to reach these goals? What tasks are more important than others? How much time will each activity take? When will I do each activity? How flexible do I have to be to allow for unexpected things?

14 Using a Daily Planner Use a “week at a glance” organizer. Enter in due dates and social events as soon as you can. Review your calendar daily for the current week and upcoming week. It just takes a moment to review your calendar and it can help relieve stress.

15 Changing your time habits Obey your alarm clock- get up ON TIME Try to be early for class, not just on time Limit e-mail and Internet time Over-estimate the time required to do a task Keep a notepad handy- jot down things you must remember

16 Quote of the Day Set priorities for your goals. A major part of successful living lies in the ability to put first things first. Indeed, the reason most major goals are not achieved is that we spend our time doing second things first.“ – Robert J. Mckain

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