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Miss Buehrle School Counselor

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1 Miss Buehrle School Counselor
Study Skills Miss Buehrle School Counselor

2 What are Study skills? Who can tell me what study skills are?
Why is this important in getting good grades? What have you tried before? -note cards -study guide -practice tests -study groups -tutor -see counselor

3 How to get good grades in 10 easy steps
What kind of student are you? What are you DOING? What are you NOT DOING? You are in CONTROL!

4 Step one: Believe in yourself
“To succeed, we must first believe that we can.” In order for you to succeed, you have to believe in yourself! Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy- don’t let this happen to you!

5 Step two: be organized Use your planner!! Break down assignments
-break down large assignments into small ones you can do each day Use thee ring binder for notes -add notes you missed Use folders for schoolwork -keep separate folder for each class Have phone numbers of at least one classmate Keep your locker and back pack neat Get organized for the next day before you go to bed

6 Step three: Manage your time well
Use class time and study halls -get as much work done at school as you can! Create your own study plan -WHEN do you have time to focus? -WHERE is a good place for you? -WHAT do you need to focus on most? Prepare for disruptions -Examples?? -How can you eliminate these?

7 Step four: Be successful in class
Be in school, on time, every day Learn how to adapt to different teachers Be prepared for each class Sit in the front of class if possible Be aware of your body language Always do your homework Be a good group member Participate in class Treat others with respect Take responsibility for your grades

8 Step Five: Take good notes
Be an ACTIVE listener -thinking and trying to understand information Take notes to help you pay attention -helps to keep you focused Recognize important information -most teachers will make this clear for you! Take notes that are easy to read -Cornell notes Go over your notes as soon as possible -Add key words, highlight main points, etc. Get copies of class notes if you are absent -homework now, from a friend, etc.

9 Step six: Know how to read a textbook
SCAN -read the title, the section headings, and everything in bold and italic print -”information framework” to help you understand before you even start reading READ -have a purpose -turn each heading into a question, by the end you should have an answer REVIEW -when you do this you lock the information into your brain before it has a chance to evaporate -makes sure you understand the material

10 Step Seven: Study Smart
Find a good place to study Get started Know your learning style Organize your study time Know how to study for tests Know how to memorize and remember information Use tricks when making a presentation or speech Know how to write a paper

11 Step Eight: Be a good test taker
Get off to a good start Develop a plan Mark the questions you want to return to Increase your odds on multiple-choice questions Look for key words in T/F questions Know how to approach essay questions Improve your math test scores Be prepared for open book tests Go over all returned tests

12 Step Nine: Reduce Test Anxiety
Who here gets nervous before a test?? “A little anxiety before a test improves your concentration and alertness. Too much worry, or test anxiety, can lower your test score.” Ways to reduce too much anxiety -study early -mentally practice test questions -review the night before and get a good night sleep -walk into the test CONFIDENT! -take deep breaths, visualize yourself in a place that you feel very calm or relaxed

13 Step ten: Get help when you need it
When you have a problem, DO SOMETHING! YOU are in control We have many resources here because we WANT to see each of you succeed!

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