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Study Skills for High School & Beyond!!

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1 Study Skills for High School & Beyond!!
Presented by Mrs. Frohock, Mrs. Wall & Mrs. Given – Your CVHS 9th Grade Guidance Counselors

2 Goal of this Presentation:
To identify 3 things you can do individually to improve your grades in school.

3 Why Try & Improve Your Study Habits – hence - Grades?
Colleges first look at your GPA, Grade Point Average, when deciding who gets admitted and who wins scholarships Classes may get tougher as the years progress, learning how to improve your studying now will pay off in the long run Improving your study skills may mean better QUALITY of studying, and less QUANTITY of time spent …nice, huh? Because every little bit of extra effort helps… welcome to the “extra degree” phenomenon….

4 Get Organized!!! Improve Time Management:
Three-ring binder w/ individual pockets Small pad of paper or notebook to log assignments Agenda book or calendar Others: Improve Time Management: Clearly define & list goals – Make a “To Do” list including dates Break down big assignments into smaller ones Set aside specific time each day for doing homework & reviewing

5 Listening Brings Success!
Keep eyes & ears on teacher Volunteer to answer questions Ask a question Figure out what material will be covered on test

6 Maximize Your Time at Home!
Study 1-2 Hours each night, even if a formal assignment isn’t given, spend about 20 minutes every night reviewing. 2. Find a place free of distraction to study 3. Decide how you work best. Quiet or light music? 4. Do NOT study in front of the TV 5. Plan the order of your work. It’s usually best to study for tests first. After that, tackle the hardest homework. Take a break every hour. Do something physical like walking Study with a friend to quiz one another and clarify ideas, but always study alone as well

7 The Secret of Using Note cards!
Consider using 3” x 5” note cards to turn class notes & reading notes into questions on one side of the card & answers on the other. As you review, you can separate the ones that you know from the ones that you don’t understand. You can develop essay questions on the cards as well to check for understanding of a topic.

8 +/- Studying for Math +/-
It helps to have a lot of practice, in other words, lots of homework – sorry! At home, follow the model problems in the book. Try to do some without looking at book’s solution Be solid on rules for solving equations. Memorize the orders of the steps, formulas, rules Use note cards. From each day’s assignments, make 2 note cards with a problem on one side & solution on the other. By the end of the unit, you’ll have accumulated a practice test to review!

9 Improve Test-Taking Skills
Review All Along – not just before the test Concentrate on ideas the teacher has made Memorize formulas, names, dates, etc Go Prepared. Pen/pencil, ruler Calculator, etc Remain calm & keep positive attitude. Arrive on time & budget your time accordingly Read then re-read the directions Check to be sure you’ve answered all ?’s If finished early, go back & review answers

10 Last Pointers: Do NOT cram for tests. If you follow the recommended steps, reviewing for tests should be easy. Use note cards & talk aloud as you study. This way you are storing information through both your auditory & visual channels. Understand the expectations Preview the material Take notes to stay focused Review what you learned Ask yourself how do you learn best: listening (hearing), seeing (visualizing), or doing (practicing)

11 Write Down 3 Goals to Improve your study habits.
And remember …every “degree” of effort adds up! Write Down 3 Goals to Improve your study habits. ** Choose one to read aloud **

12 Best Wishes CVHS Class of 2015!
Feel Free to Come & See Us anytime! Good Luck! Mrs. Frohock, Mrs. Wall, & Mrs. Given It’s time to turn up the heat!!

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