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High School Success: 9th Grade Career/College Unit

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1 High School Success: 9th Grade Career/College Unit
“Managing High School” Module Two

2 “Managing High School”
What does it take? (Brainstorm)

3 Strategies for Managing High School
Be ORGANIZED Manage TIME Be successful in the CLASSROOM Take good NOTES Know how to read a TEXTBOOK Study SMART Use test-taking STRATEGIES

Maintain a separate FOLDER/NOTEBOOK SECTION for each class Get PHONE NUMBERS/ ADDRESSES of classmates for questions Keep STUDY AREA and BACKPACKS neat and organized Make sure you have everything you need for school the next day BEFORE you go to bed

5 Manage TIME Use FREE TIME at school to get started on homework
Create a STUDY PLAN that works for you and stick to it Break LARGE ASSIGNMENTS into SMALL parts Work FIRST, then play

6 Be successful in the CLASSROOM
ADAPT to different teachers Know each teacher’s RULES, PROCEDURES AND EXPECTATIONS Be in school ON TIME and EVERYDAY Have EVERYTHING with you and ready when you get to class Always do your HOMEWORK PARTICIPATE in class WORK effectively with others Do EXTRA CREDIT whenever possible

7 Take good NOTES Be an ACTIVE listener Write down IMPORTANT information
Keep notes LEGIBLE Get notes if you are ABSENT Use CORNELL Note-taking Method

8 CORNELL NOTE-TAKING RECORD as many facts as you can in the six-inch column. Write down ONLY key words. REDUCE important facts into key words/phrases/questions in the narrow margin to the left of the six-inch column. RECITE the facts and ideas out loud in your own words while you cover up your notes in the six-inch column. REFLECT upon the information you have learned. REVIEW your notes nightly by reciting. RECAP the facts and ideas at the bottom of the page in the two-inch block using your own words.

9 Know HOW to read a textbook
SCAN the assignment to get an overview READ the assignment REVIEW to remember what you have read

10 Study SMART Establish your STUDY SPACE
Keep all study SUPPLIES in your study space ORGANIZE your study time PRIORITIZE your work Keep to your study SCHEDULE even if you do not have homework

11 Use test-taking STRATEGIES
Have EVERYTHING you need ready for the test BEFORE you start, look over the test and develop a PLAN MARK questions you want to return to CHECK your answers USE all of the time available

12 GOAL-SETTING To be effective, goal setting must be: Short Term
Specific Measurable Attainable Short Term Get an A on tomorrow’s Algebra test Long Term Graduate from high school with a 3.0 GPA

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