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Adapted /Taken from How to get good grades – Woodburn Press

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1 Adapted /Taken from How to get good grades – Woodburn Press
How to succeed Adapted /Taken from How to get good grades – Woodburn Press

2 plus Ten Steps Evaluate yourself Believe in yourself Be Organized
Manage your time well Be successful in the classroom Take good notes Know how to read a textbook Study Smarter, Not harder Use Test – Taking Strategies Reduce Test Anxiety Get Help when you need it.

3 Evaluate yourself Take out a piece of paper and answer either
Always Sometime Never for the next ten statements. Save the paper and jot notes for yourself.

4 Evaluate yourself I complete homework assignments
I have all necessary materials when I go to class I use the time given in class to start homework I take good notes I ask and answer questions in class Mark responses Always, Sometimes, Never

5 Evaluate yourself I use tricks to remember information
After reading an assignment, I know what I’ve read I get along well with my teachers I am good at taking tests I am happy with my grades For each always, 2 pts, Sometimes – 1 pt, Never – 0 pts 20-15 pts – Very good student. 14-10 pts –Could do better in school 9-5 pts – Not very good grades 4-0 – Disaster Regardless, this can help.

6 1. Believe in yourself “To Succeed, wee must first believe that we can”, Michael Korda Set attainable goals for each and every exam, unit, etc and for the course. Note card

7 2. Be Organized Assignment Notebook Binder for Notes / Handouts
Keep study area neat Organize before bed Telephone numbers of classmates

8 3. Manage your time well Use class and study time well
Create a study plan Prepare for sabotage What keeps you from studying Do a time schedule

9 4. Be successful in the classroom
Be in school, on time, every day To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is to be replaced. Learn how to adapt Be prepared for every day of class. Choose your seat wisely Body language Participate Respect

10 5. Take good notes Active Listener Pay attention by taking notes
Important Information Make your notes easy to read and write Review note and clarify Get copies from others when gone Methods

11 6. Know how to read a textbook
Read it – Section by section Stop at the end of a section and review Tactics SQR3 Scan, Read, Review Read, Note / Highlight, Review

12 7. Study Smarter, Not harder
Find a good place to study Get Started on time Know your style Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, etc. Organize your time Know how to study for a test Objectives, Key ideas, important info., etc. Memory Tricks Good computer / Internet skills

13 8. Use Test – Taking Strategies
Start off with good attitude Develop a plan Mark questions to return to Key words / hints in questions Essay questions Read, Brainstorm, Plan, Write, Review Check answers Budget Time Go over returned tests

14 RELAX!!!!!!!!!! 9. Reduce Test Anxiety Study Early and often
Great Attitude on test day and night before Good night’s sleep RELAX!!!!!!!!!!

15 10. Get Help when you need it.
ASK FOR HELP / EXPLANATIONS WHEN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING IN CLASS. Don’t be passive, but participate and let yourself be involved in class.

16 Two Questions for you Was any of this new? If so - What?
Was any of this helpful? If yes - How?


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