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Transitioning Into Middle School

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1 Transitioning Into Middle School

2 Welcome to Lincoln Middle School
Let’s explore some topics that may help easy into a middle school atmosphere. Feelings Lockers Clubs & activities Homework, getting organized, handling stress, and setting goals School website and homework information

3 What Are Your Feelings about Middle School?
Students transitioning into a new school have many feelings… Nervous/scared, students sometimes worry about the unexpected. Will I get lost? What if I forget where I am suppose to be? Excited, students have a little more freedom and it’s a new beginning to start anew. Meeting new people. So take advantage of the fresh start with good habits. These feelings are normal, but if you feel you need help coping talk to a parent or your guidance counselor.

4 Ups & Downs Of Middle School
Not sure how you feel about Middle School? Stop and think about it and fill out the questionnaire. When I think about Middle School I am excited about …. How excited are you? ________________________ When I think about Middle School I am nervous about… ________________________

5 How Does My Locker Combination Work?
Step 1: “Clear the lock by spinning the dial clockwise and stopping on “0” Step 2: Turning clockwise 3 times stop the dial on the first number Step 3: Now spin the dial counter-clockwise and stop the dial on the second number. IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure to pass the second number once before stopping at it the second time. Step 4: Now spin the dial clock wise again stopping directly on the third number if you have past it you must start again with step 1 . Step 5: Pull up on the lock!

6 Important Locker Tips Never share your locker Never preset your lock
DO write down your locker combination before long school breaks Don’t panic if you forgot your locker number or combination. The office has a master list and can assist you if needed.

7 Clubs & Activities Student council Football Basketball Track
Cross country Golf Volleyball cheerleading Band Choir Chess club School newspaper National Junior Honor Society Wrestling

8 Getting Good Grades Tip #1- Get Organized Use you planner
after each class put your book for homework to take home in your backpack. have a folder system set up for homework to do & bring back to school. Use a highlighter to highlight in your planner homework to do that night. Have supplies ready for class & home

9 Tip #2- Be Successful In The Classroom
Getting Good Grades Tip #2- Be Successful In The Classroom Come to school every day Take notes in the classroom Follow directions Participate in classroom activities Ask for help when you need it Make sure you understand your assignment

10 Tip #3- Know How To Read A Textbook
Getting Good Grades Tip #3- Know How To Read A Textbook Scan- Read the title, subtitles, all bold and italic print, graphs, charts, summaries, and review questions. Read- Read with purpose. Try turning your subtitles into questions. Review- take a few extra minutes to go through the same process as when you scanned the material but this time think about the meaning and purpose.

11 Getting Good Grades Tip #4- Study Smart
Find a good place to study. Get started. Set a regular time each day to study Use tricks to help you memorize information Know how to study for test Turn off the TV, cell phones and /message centers Organize your finished homework to take to school

12 Tip #5- Test Taking Strategies
Getting Good Grades Tip #5- Test Taking Strategies Multiple Choice Questions- 1.)try to come up with the answer in your head first. 2.) Eliminate choices you know are wrong then make an educated guess. 3.) Read all answer choices before choosing. Mark the questions that you want to return to Look for Key words in True/ False questions- 1.) statements with always, never, every, all and none are usually true. 2.) statements with usually, often, sometimes, ,most, and many are usually true continued….

13 Continued…. Essay Questions- 1.) read each essay question and start with the easiest one. 2.) before you do any writing brainstorm, use outlines, webs. 3.)write legibly begin with an opening paragraph stating what the read can expect to learn. The following 3 paragraphs support your first paragraph and the last paragraph restates and draws conclusions. 4) if you don’t know the answer write what you do know about the subject (you may get partial credit). Improve Math Scores- 1.) estimate what the answer may be 2.) draw a diagram if needed.3.) show all your work. 4.)don’t spend too much time on one problem, skip it and come back to it later Check Your Answers!

14 Handling Stress Get a good night sleep
Eat right get plenty of exercise Listen to music Take a deep breath, then slowly let it out Start a the top of your head, flexing and then relaxing each part of your body Think of a place where you feel relaxed then visualize that place Spend time with family and friends

15 Set Goals Setting goals is important for people of all ages. Write your goals down. Get in the habit of setting both long-term (getting on the honor roll all four semesters) and short-term goals (getting a B on an exam) both goals should be specific, measurable and attainable. Also check out the link On The Road for a downloadable “Goal Worksheet”

16 Still want more information about Lincoln Middle School?
Check out our website. There is information about class rules, and homework listings. The counselor link has helpful information for parents, homework help, career information and interest inventories you can take. Plus Much More! Check us out at *How to get good grades, Woodburn Press, 1999 *Getting the Most Out Of Middle School, Woodburn Press, 1999

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