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Effective Study Skills for Math. Homework: Why? Fundamentals.

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1 Effective Study Skills for Math

2 Homework: Why? Fundamentals

3 Homework: Before you start Make sure you have the correct assignment Ask questions to clarify the assignment if needed Look over notes and book to refresh what you are doing What vocabulary words are important? Any rules that apply to the problems you are about to practice?

4 Homework: Just do it! Follow directions Work neatly Show work Make sure you did the simple math (add, subtract, multiply, divide) correctly Do it soon enough after class that you don’t forget Don’t stop because you are stuck-try to figure it out and then seek help from teacher or tutor

5 Learn from your errors Analyze the error Was it a simple math error or process error? Keep track of simple errors and process errors Practice the simple math errors Ask for help

6 Class: The forgotten study tool Review what you discussed in the previous class Be prepared: book, notebook, pencil, homework Be engaged Ask questions Listen to your classmates’ questions Take part in class discussion

7 Textbooks: Can you really read a math book? Use the index and glossary when you have forgotten a term or process Analyze the examples If you can’t answer the problem, look back at the written explanation Does your book have study tips or helps at the back or beginning of each chapter? Does your book have a companion website?

8 Tests: Reviewing Cramming will NOT work. Start ahead of time Go through examples from notes Make a list of formulas and practice knowing them if you need them for the test Use the chapter review Think like a teacher. How would you make the test? Practice, Practice, Practice Get a good night’s sleep Don’t worry

9 Test Time Be confident Don’t worry Have what you need Follow directions Look over the entire test quickly. If the order doesn’t matter, do the ones you feel best about first. Skip and return to difficult problems Show your work-neatly Check for your frequent errors Breathe

10 What’s your learning style? VARK Multiple Intelligences Google these to find your learning style

11 Visual Learners Learn best through seeing You like charts, diagrams, pictures… Study advice: Use a white or chalk board Highlight in book and notes Look for video tutorials online Try the study rooms in the library to have some peace and quiet Visualize what you are doing.

12 Auditory Learner Learn best through hearing Lectures and discussions are helpful Study tips: Create a study group or work with a tutor so you can go through problems vocally with someone else Teach somebody else Read through notes and test out loud Imagine having a conversation with your teach about the problem during the test

13 Kinesthetic Learners Learn from hands-on and real world Study tips: Think sprints-short and focused Moving around may be helpful-writing on a board, carrying flash cards with formulas Pay attention to your attention span. Work on increasing your attention span Place yourself in the room where you will have the least distractions

14 Resources http://www.math.ohio- http://www.math.ohio-$3 8$3 8

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