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How to Get Good Grades 10 easy steps.

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1 How to Get Good Grades 10 easy steps

2 What Kind of a Student Are You?
I complete homework assignments I attend class each day prepared with my pencil, book etc. I use the time teachers give me in class to start my work I take good notes I ask and answer questions in class I memorize information that is taught in class After reading an assignment I understand what I have read I get along well with my teachers I am good at taking tests I am happy with my grades

3 “To Succeed, we must first believe that we can.”
Step 1 Believe In Yourself “To Succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

4 Step 2 Be Organized “Using an assignment notebook helps me organize what I have to do” “I write down all of my grades then I always know where I stand in all of my classes”

5 Step 3 Manage Your Time “I use my class-time to begin work so I don't have near as much homework” “I create my own study plan and stick with it so it becomes habit”

6 Step 4 Attend School Daily and Adapt to all Teachers
“If I tune out, the class goes on forever. If I participate, the time goes a lot faster” “Teachers like it when you participate and try to answer their questions, even if you are wrong” “If you don’t do homework, it kills your grade”

7 Step 5 Take Good Notes “I use a yellow marker to highlight things in my notes that are important”

8 Step 6 Scan, Read and Review Your Textbook
“When you know how to read a textbook, you comprehend and remember what you read”

9 Step 7 Study Smart “If I have a problem studying, I change location. It's kind of like taking a break”

10 Step 8 Use a Variety of Test-Taking Strategies
“Always use the time that you are given to take a test” “If you are not sure of an answer, always go with your first instinct”

11 Step 9 Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety
“A little anxiety before a test improves your concentration and alertness, too much will lower your test scores”

12 “When you have a problem, do something to resolve it”
Step 10 GET HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT! “When you have a problem, do something to resolve it” “If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.” Thomas Edison

13 10 Steps Review Believe In Yourself Be Organized Manage Your Time
Attend School Daily Take Good Notes Scan, Read, Review Study Smart Test Taking Strategies Reduce Anxiety and Stress Get Help

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