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Test Taking Strategies

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1 Test Taking Strategies
What we’ll be covering: general test taking strategies how to take different kinds of tests learning from your mistakes what to do when you don’t know the answer

2 General test-taking strategies
ignore other test takers (before and during the test) Sit in your usual seat, if possible Bring all necessary materials

3 General test-taking strategies
Listen carefully to directions If something is vague or hard to read, stop and ask the instructor for clarification Answer the easiest questions first, mark and postpone the harder questions Change your answer only if you’re absolutely sure the second answer is correct

4 General test-taking strategies
Look over the test and budget your time accordingly Leave time to review your work

5 Suggestions for objective tests
Circle or underline clue words like all, every, none, always, etc. Watch for negatives

6 Suggestions for answering essay questions
use pencil or erasable pen read the questions carefully and underline key words create an outline in the margin of what you’d like to say begin your answer by rephrasing the question in the next sentence announce what you’ll be saying in the rest of your answer devote a paragraph to each of the main points

7 Suggestions for answering essay questions
save time to check for the following: completeness and clarity punctuation and word usage spelling neatness did you answer the question?

8 Suggestions for computational exams
as soon as you receive your test, jot down any formulas you needed to remember draw a picture estimate the answer show all your work write neatly pay attention to details

9 After the test: Learning from your mistakes
don’t just look at WHAT you missed, but look at WHY you missed it! mastery of information: you didn’t study properly and don’t know the material thinking gap: you misunderstood what you were being asked method of test taking: you made some bad mistakes like reading too quickly and missing key words reaction to situation: test anxiety got the better of you

10 Correcting “mastery of information” mistakes
Go back and look at how you studied. What do you need to change? Did you give yourself enough time? Are there other study strategies that would work better?

11 Correcting “thinking gap” mistakes
Next time, raise your hand and ask your professor or t.a. to rephrase the question. Keep asking until you feel that you fully understand the question.

12 Correcting “method of test taking” mistakes
Read/listen to the directions carefully Force yourself to slow down and read the questions carefully Identify the key words in the questions Read all answers before you select one

13 Stress reduction and management
have a study plan get some exercise proper nutrition keep a positive attitude get enough rest

14 What can you do when you don’t know the answer?
look for wording in the question that may give you an idea see if the answer appears somewhere else in the exam try to eliminate some answers before guessing plug in numbers to see if they generate a possible solution

15 Summary You should approach different kinds of tests in different ways. Even if you don’t know the answer, effective test-taking strategies can increase your chances of guessing it. If you are not getting the grades that you expected, check to see where you are making mistakes.

16 Apply what you’ve learned
Get a copy of a test that you’ve already taken Code your mistakes using the categories we’ve discussed Describe how you plan to address these mistakes in the future

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