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Land Biomes.

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1 Land Biomes

2 Temperate Deciduous Forests
Rainfall: inches Temperature: 82-43°F Location: Eastern United States Canada Eastern Asia Europe

3 Temperate Deciduous Forests
Deciduous trees shed their leaves to save energy during the winter. Temperate means moderate or in the middle Their rain fall and temperatures are “average” In forests, growth happens in layers. The leafy tops of the trees reach high above the forest floor, where the leaves can get sunlight. Woody shrubs catch the light that filters through the trees. Animals: bears, birds, snakes, raccoons, small deer, etc.

4 Just south of the Polar regions
Coniferous Forests Location: Rocky Mountains Canada Alaska Just south of the Polar regions

5 Coniferous Forests These trees are mostly evergreens and conifers, with cones and needle like leaves. Just because they don’t loose their leaves in winter doesn’t mean they don’t loose them at all. The ground under conifers are often covered by a thick layer of needles. Conifer’s leaves are adapted to survive through the winter with a waxy coating to keep them from drying out and protect them from harsh winds.

6 Coniferous Forests Their yearly rainfall is at in and they have lower temperatures than we do. (14-57°F) Animals: birds, deer, elk, beavers, and moose.

7 Tropical Rain Forests Rain Fall averages 158 inches!!!
Found in the TROPICS around the equator-that’s why its so warm! Rain Fall averages 158 inches!!! Temperatures: 93-68°F

8 Tropical Rain Forests The most biologically diverse and animals live at all different layers of the forest. Some animals live on the forest floor but most live in the canopy Woody vine climb tree trunks to reach sunlight Little light reaches the ground so low-growing plants in the rain forests don’t need a lot of light.

9 Includes grasses and other flowering plants with very few trees.
Temperate Grasslands Includes grasses and other flowering plants with very few trees. Location: Africa Asia Midwest USA Rainfall: inches Temperature: 86-32°F Grasslands support small herbivores and a few larger grass eaters.

10 Animals such as: prairie dogs, bison, hamster, emu and gophers
Grassland are also known as prairies, plains, steppes, and pampas.

11 Savannas Rainfall: 59 inches Temperature: 93-61°F Location: Africa
Parts of India Australia South America

12 Savannas Animals like giraffes, elephants, zebras, lions and water buffalo. Savannas are home to large herbivores and some carnivores. A savanna is a grassland with scattered clumps of trees and seasonal rains

13 Deserts Rainfall: Less than 10 inches Temperature: °F A region that has little or no plant life, long periods without rain, or extreme temperatures, usually found in hot climates. Plants have adaptations to help them hold water- fleshy stems, thorns for protection, roots grow out instead of down and growing far apart from one another. Animals adaptations :active mostly at night. Location: Western USA North Africa Asia Australia

14 Tundra Found near the North and South Poles and high altitudes.
Rainfall: inches Temperatures: °F Found near the North and South Poles and high altitudes. The layer of soil beneath the surface stays frozen ALL the time, called permafrost. Because of this only shallow rooted plants can live here. Animals like small rodents, caribou, birds, wolves, musk ox and insects live here.

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