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Radiology Packet 11 Pulmonary Patterns.

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1 Radiology Packet 11 Pulmonary Patterns

2 7-year old MN mixed breed dog “Max”
Hx: Presented for evaluation of a chronic intermittent cough. The cough has been getting progressively worse and is more severe at night.



5 7-year old MN mixed breed dog “Max”
RF There is a mild diffuse interstitial lung pattern that is consistent with normal aging. A large mass of soft tissue opacity is present in the right caudal lung lobe. RD Solitary pulmonary mass left caudal lung lobe R/O Primary pulmonary tumor

6 2-year old cat “Smokey” Hx: Presented for her annual PE and vaccinations. The PE is normal but during your conversation with the owners they mention that she occasionally coughs and gags, sometimes vomiting a hairball.


8 2-year old cat “Smokey” RF RD
Cardiovascular structures and pulmonary parenchyma are normal. In the lateral view there is a mild increase in opacity in the lungs cranial to the heart. This is the result of superimposition of the forelimb musculature over the thorax. RD Normal thorax

9 2-year old German Shepherd
Hx: 2 week history of coughing


11 2-year old German Shepherd
RF There is a striking pulmonary infiltrate present which is predominately surrounding the airways, making them appear thick. There is a peribronchial infiltrate. RD Broncho-interstitial pulmonary pattern with bronchial pattern being primary R/O Allergic lung disease Parasitic lung disease PIE Bronchitis

12 10-year old Labrador “Luke”
Hx: Presented for collapse. Blood work is pending.



15 10-year old Labrador “Luke”
RF Multiple soft tissue nodules of varying size and shape were noted scattered throughout the lung fields. There is an increase in cranio-caudal width of the heart and an increase in sternal contact on the lateral view. The trachea appears to be elevated and the heart appears elongated. There appears to be some bulging in the area of the left atrium. The DV view suggests rounding of the heart with a slight deviation to the left side. RD Cardiomegaly Multiple soft tissue pulmonary nodules r/o Pulmonary metastatic disease R/O Primary cardiac disease Active pericardial effusion ( Radiographs taken the day before showed a much smaller heart) Hemangiosarcoma involving the right atrium Ectopic thyroid tumor Next Cardiac ultrasound

16 1.5 year old German Shepherd
Hx: hit by car


18 1.5 year old German Shepherd
RF The cardiovascular structures are within normal limits. The pulmonary vessels are within normal limits. A prominent skin-fold is noted in the right hemi-thorax and may be mistaken for pneumothorax. The extra-thoracic structures are within normal limits. RD Normal thorax

19 2-year old Border Collie “Jig”
Hx: Dyspnea and lethargy


21 2-year old Border Collie “Jig”
RF Severe, diffuse (coarsely) nodular interstitial infiltrate. A focal, irregular soft tissue opacity is noted over the cranioventral heart border on the lateral view, localized to the left cranial lung on the VD view. Pleural fissure lines are present. RD Poorly circumscribed left cranial lobe mass and diffuse severe coarsely nodular interstitial infiltrate R/O Neoplasia Fungal disese

22 8-year old mixed breed dog “Sandy”
Hx: Severe respiratory distress


24 8-year old mixed breed dog “Sandy”
RF Severe infiltrate involving the lung field. Heavy interstitial to alveolar infiltrate. Loss of vessel clarity. Enlarged cardiac silhouette. Increased width of the heart, especially in the area of the right ventricle. Air lucency between the right lung, which is retracted from the chest wall. Visualization of the aorta and esophagus indicative of pneumomediatinum. RD Severe diffuse pulmonary infiltrate and enlarged right ventricle Mild pneumothorax R/O Cor pulmonale Granulomatosus Next Lung biopsy or aspirate

25 4-year old FS German Shepherd
Hx: Presented with lethargy and some coughing. Peripheral lymph node enlargement is noted on PE.


27 4-year old FS German Shepherd
RF A diffuse heavy interstitial pulmonary infiltrate is present. A few areas are becoming very opaque, indicating consolidation and early alveolar infiltrates. A thin pleural fissure line is noted on the lateral view over the caudal waist region. Heart and vessels are normal. Bone reaction seen on the left 6th to 8th rib RD Diffuse heavy interstitial pulmonary pattern R/O Pulmonary edema Hemorrhage Inflammatory infiltrate Pneumonia or allergic Diffuse neoplastic infiltrate Next Aspirate lungs Rib biopsy

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