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1311A.2 Club Leadership Training Session Achieving Success As Vice President Education.

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1 1311A.2 Club Leadership Training Session Achieving Success As Vice President Education

2  Help officers clearly understand their roles.  Provide a point of reference.  Aid members when evaluating candidates for office.  Facilitate communication when expectations differ. 1 Standards for Success

3  Plan club meetings.  Promote participation in the educational program.  Orient new members.  Encourage new members to participate.  Assign a mentor. 2 Outside the Club Meeting

4  Attend club executive committee meetings.  Attend district council meetings.  Vote at international business meetings.  Arrange for your replacement or assistance.  Prepare your successor for office. 3 Outside the Club Meeting

5 Assign each new member before attending their fourth meeting:  to be a Table Topics TM participant  to a meeting role  to give the “Ice Breaker” project from the CC Manual 4 At the Club Meeting

6  Ensure a club member conducts presentations from The Successful Club Series.  Monitor club performance quarterly.  Initial speakers’ Project Completion Records.  Preside over the meeting when the president is absent. 5 At the Club Meeting

7  Set realistic and attainable goals.  Plan how to accomplish the goals.  Delegate tasks as needed.  Monitor progress toward goals.  Coach team members when necessary. 6 Your Leadership Opportunity

8 1.Decide what to delegate 2.Decide who will do the task 3.Assign responsibility 4.Grant authority 5.Establish accountability 7 Your Leadership Opportunity Five Steps of Delegation

9 1.Lack of confidence in others. 2.Fear of losing control. 3.Selfishness. 4.Insecurity. 5.Reluctance. 8 Your Leadership Opportunity Barriers to Delegation

10  Complete meeting schedules.  Confirm that meeting roles are filled. 9 Plan Club Meetings

11  Coordinate the club’s educational program.  Ensure members understand how to work through the leadership and communication tracks. 10 Promote Participation in the Education Program

12  Purchase the manual for display.  Discuss evaluations.  Educate mentors.  Track progress.  Include the manual in “sales pitch”. 11 Promote Participation in the Education Program Tips for Integrating the CL Manual

13 1.Assign CL evaluators at every meeting. 2.Require that members bring their CL manuals. 3.Display the CL manual at every meeting. 4.Recognize when members complete CL manual projects. 5.Work with the President to promote CL at each club meeting. 12 Promote Participation in the Education Program 10 Tips for Using the CL Manual

14 6. Include accreditations for both tracks in all correspondences. 7. Post the CL Achievement Chart during meetings. 8. Ask members to perform and receive evaluations on at least three meeting roles for each speech presented. 9. Remind members to bring CL manuals on the club website and newsletter. 10. Ask each member who achieves the CL award to mentor a new member. 13 Promote Participation in the Education Program

15  Provide verbal evaluations for leadership projects during meetings.  Provide verbal evaluations privately outside of the club meeting.  Provide only written evaluations for leadership projects.  Provide verbal evaluations during meetings for both speech and leadership projects but allow less time for each evaluation. 14 Promote Participation in the Education Program Competent Leadership Project Evaluation

16 A special presentation:  Will tell the recipient that someone noticed and cared  Benefits other club members by showcasing role models  Further motivates the recipients  Demonstrates the club’s standards of excellence 15 Recognition

17  The Successful Club Series, “Evaluate to Motivate” (Item 292)  Success Communication Series module, “The Art of Effective Evaluation” (Item 251)  Effective Evaluation video (Item 4008DVD)  Effective Evaluation (Item 202) 16 Ensure All Members Know How to Evaluate

18  Introducing and explaining materials and procedures  Furnishing support to new members  Talking to new members about educational materials and procedures  Discussing the person’s needs and expectations  Having them fill out a New Member Profile (Item 405) 17 Orienting New Members Orientation should focus on:

19  Participated in Table Topics TM  Served in a meeting role  Presented the “Ice Breaker” project from the CC manual 18 Orienting New Members By the fourth meeting new members should have:

20  Is experienced  Builds a rapport with the new member  Helps the new member set realistic goals  Answers questions and offers detailed information 19 Orienting New Members Match with a mentor

21  Help with the club newsletter or website.  Serve on a committee.  Participate in speaker-evaluator exchanges with another club.  Participate in the club’s speakers bureau.  Attend area, division, and district conferences and contests. 20 Other Toastmasters Activities

22  Develop and practice listening skills  Exercise critical thinking skills  Receive credit toward earning the CL award  Practice objective observation skills  Observe and learn from proficient speakers  Develop organization, teamwork, written and verbal communication, and event coordination skills 21 Organize Speech Contest Participating as a contest official provides and opportunity to:

23  Build confidence  Gain contest experience  Learn by observing  Try a new style or type of speech  Share a unique personal message with a larger audience 22 Organize Speech Contest Members who participate:

24  Contestant eligibility forms  Judge’s guides and ballots  Tiebreaking judge’s guide and ballot  Timer record  Participation certificates  Trophies 23 Organize Speech Contest The VPE or contest chair is responsible for:

25 A responsibility And a privilege 24

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