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TOASTMASTERS New Members Orientation

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1 TOASTMASTERS New Members Orientation

2 What is Toastmasters?

3 Introduction Toastmasters is: A non-profit organization
The Goal of the Organization is: To make effective oral communication and leadership a worldwide reality Toastmasters helps members learn the art of SPEAKING, LISTENING and THINKING!

4 Facts and Figures Established in 1924
More than 313,000 members worldwide Over 14,650 clubs in 126 countries around the world

5 Why Toastmasters ?

6 Identify Problems: Confidence Problems Communication Problems
Low self-esteem Fear and shyness Anxiety Public Speaking Language Proficiency Spontaneous Speaking Listening Giving Feedback Problem Solving Decision Making Team Play Time Management Organizing Confidence Problems Communication Problems Leadership Problems

7 Fixing your Problems with Toastmasters

8 What can Toastmasters offer You?
ENVIRONMENT Positive, helpful and supportive Action oriented learning Multi-cultural Non-embarrassing Enjoyable and encouraging Intellectually entertaining EDUCATION Communication Skills Leadership Skills Effective Skills Organizing Skills BENEFITS Unlimited Personal Growth Clear Communication Increased self-confidence Shared Experiences Career Advancement Be Recognized OPPORTUNITIES Leadership opportunities at various levels Large networking opportunity with thousands of Toastmasters Participate in educational and informative events Opportunities to influence many

9 The Founder of Toastmasters
Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual Dr. Ralph Smedley

10 The Member is the Heart of Toastmasters

11 The Toastmasters – World Map

12 The Toastmasters – Region 14
Districts under Region 14 District 51 – Peninsular Malaysia District 75 – Philippines District 80 – Singapore District 87 – East Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia District 97P – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam

13 The Toastmasters – District 75
District Team

14 What is a Club ? Club is a group of members to whom Toastmasters International offers a program of communication and leadership projects designed to help them learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking.

15 Toastmasters > Club

16 Toastmasters – Club Roles
Speaker The speaker delivers a prepared speech to improve his/her public speaking and communication skills. General Evaluator General evaluator oversees the overall execution of the meeting and provides constructive feedback and suggestions to improve the meeting quality Evaluator The purpose of an evaluator is to provide constructive feedback to the speakers to improve their speaking skills Grammarian Grammarian helps in improving our language. He/she helps people improve their grammar and word use. Being grammarian also provides an exercise in expanding listening skills

17 Toastmasters – Club Roles
Ah-Counter The purpose of the Ah-Counter is to note any word or sound used as a crutch by anyone who speaks during the meeting. Words may be inappropriate interjections, such as and, well, but, so and you know. Timer Timer keeps everyone in check regarding time. He/she will be in-charge of keeping time and showing appropriate signs at appropriate times to assist role players and speakers to be on time.

18 Toastmasters – Club Roles
The Toastmaster is a meeting’s director and host who conducts the entire meeting from setting the tone of the meeting according to the theme of the meeting, to, introducing participants and keeps the audience interested and motivated throughout the meeting. Table Topics Speaker or Reactors Table topics speaker is the one whom Table Topics Master will invite on the podium to speak spontaneously about a topic.

19 Toastmasters – Club Roles
Topics Master Table topics master provides you with an opportunity to practice planning, preparation, organization, time management and facilitation skills in quickly organizing and expressing thoughts in an impromptu setting. Vote Counter Vote counter is someone who collects votes for the best speaker, evaluator and table topics speaker and passes on the count to the Toastmaster of the day.


21 Toastmasters – Education Program

22 The New Member Kit

23 Communication Track You will learn to:
Start speaking before and audience Use visual aids How to research Organize your speech and thoughts Persuade an audience Be an effective and competent communicator How to effectively use eye contact and gestures Eliminate bad speech habits Increase your vocabulary How to use your body to communicate

24 Leadership Track You will learn to: Take Roles Motivate people
Listen carefully Be a mentor Critically think Be a great team player Plan and manage time Serve as club officer and beyond Delegate tasks Be a competent leader Network Develop facilitation skills

25 Get Started Task # 1 Task # 2 Task # 3
Volunteer to speak during Table Topics session. It’s a fun way to get started Task # 2 Do your first project Talk to the Club’s Vice President Education to schedule your first project, the Ice breaker Task # 3 Take up a role. Relatively easy roles like the Timer and Ah-Counter are for grabs for the newbees.

26 Welcome to Toastmasters

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