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© 2006 VEGA Informatica proprietary & Piero Slocovich VEGA INFORMATICA R&D to make real estate + comfortable and + reliable.

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1 © 2006 VEGA Informatica proprietary & confidential @-Condominium Piero Slocovich VEGA INFORMATICA R&D to make real estate + comfortable and + reliable with information and communication technologies

2 What it does Stakeholders Owners Inhabitants Administrators Receptionists Security guards Installers Maintenance firms Services Administration Maintenance Reception Surveillance Access control Assistance Environment Municipality Public transport Public health Police Commerce Etc. Automations Tele-control Tele-diagnosis Tele-assistance Tele-command Scenario @-Condominium exploits ICT standards, as broadband secure Internet (Extranet/VPN), to deliver remote real estate facility management and administration, home/medical care, building access control, reception and surveillance.

3 Tele-reception @-Condominium assures a reception service 24x7, fulfilled at front door of and inside of each building, from remote IP Contact Centers; where the skilled personnel is using the information system supplied: To have a support/control for the day by day work-flow; automatically recording every event/activity/delivery, for certification purpose. To have a detailed/up-to-date condominium description, structural and organizational, coming from the concerned/authorized people. To communicate with the public authorities and agencies, as needed.

4 Tele-reception (cont.) The IP-Intercom facility WEB-Citofono, internet enabled through the building Ethernet LAN CondoNet:CondoNet At front-door and in some common areas of the building Inside private properties allows Tele-receptionist to: Check & help visitors Welcome & care the inhabitants in accordance with the personal roles, norms & procedures of each condominium.

5 The IP WEB-Cameras, internet enabled, loudspeaker/microphone equipped, traversable and located into some halting/transit areas: Tele-surveillance Entrance Hall Landing Court Box Etc. allows the security concerned personnel (Tele-guard, Tele-receptionist, Inhabitant, etc.) to watch remotely such areas, in accordance with the personal roles, norms & procedures of each condominium.personal roles, norms & procedures

6 Tele-surveillance (cont.) The Beatle appliance, located at building basement, provides high capacity hard disk and “video-streaming” application, to record video sequences from WEB- Cameras, at every sudden/unexpected event. To prevent any risks or after any accidents/frauds, the authorized personnel can remotely inspect this record and route its to the Police, in accordance with the norms & procedures of each condominium. Obviously the Beatle can evolve into a true residential server, to share enhanced multimedia storage, security features, internet proxy, etc..

7 Access control Each person related to condominium is identified by a public code (PIN) and certified by his own secret pass word (PSW). But he can also self-certify, exhibiting the owned RFID tag Digingillo. Then the recognized person can carry out the activities and have access to condominium information and building automation, qualified by his role: proprietary, inhabitant, administrator, supplier, collaborator, etc. Everything is directly accessible inside the building via WEB-Citofono, and by some menus from home/office PC or personal Smart-phone.WEB-Citofono

8 Access control (cont.) The Digingillo RFID tag can be easily/properly distributed to all users (hundreds of thousands or more), because the Person<>Tag coupling is delegated to person itself, using a WEB-Citofono with RFID reader.Person<>Tag Obviously Digingillo acts as temporary token for owner self-certification, minimizing the engagement/responsibility of the distributing organization.

9 How well it goes! The @-Condominium tele-reception, tele-sourveillance and building tele access control “killer applications” are: IntegratedWithin themselves and with all the others services, such as estate administration and building/facility maintenance Effectivethe centralized repository of the condominium knowledge & experience and the rising intelligence of the terminal equipments, make easier and improves the quality of the related human life & workcentralized repository Cheaperthe “custom & event driven” approach, oriented to the general purpose contact-center, saves the human & material resources required by the “intensive & extensive” approach of the expensive control rooms expensive control rooms

10 How well its goes! (cont.) Forecast of the costs of implementing CondoNet to supply the tele-reception, tele-sourveillance and access-control services: ~ 4% of the building construction cost for new building with extended/pervasive building & home automation ~ cost of traditional brand solutions restructuring the building or changing the intercom facility

11 Why it will be profitable Very large domestic markets Different sources of revenues @-Condominium it’s not only a but as well it provides a lot of: bright idea

12 Sample of domestic market target @-Condominium can be applied to any old (at intercom facility replacing time) and new buildings. The rating of Italian market only is: Total residences: 28.000.000 New residences 2005: 300.000 (80% multifamily) Residences renovation 2005: 700.000 Growth rate about 3,5% Domotics system installed 2005: 10.000 Domotics system forecast 2006: 16.000 2007: 21.000 2008: 38.000 (data 2005 from Cresme and Assodomotica)

13 Different sources of revenues Appliance patents Software digital rights Software licensing World-wide products: Domestic services: @Condo Agencies Internet promotion WEB-Citofono CondoNet Beatle 4SWfM Simple Semantic Structured Serviceable Workflow Management RMDM Relativistic Master Data Management Digingillo To market, organize, train, support and certify the @-Condominium services portfolio. To ISPs/ASPs To inform, entertain, take care and help the inhabitants and their families. To support small business in condominium. CondoBoard

14 @-Condominium scenario Internet (VPN) ISP/ASP Center @Condo Agencies: Organizing Training Certification Marketing Governance Suppliers: Administrators Facility managers Install/maintenance firms Receptionists Security guards Mobile Users Real estate: Condominium Quarters Residences Villages

15 CondoNet layout xDSL FOptical WiMax Beatle Condo Board HALL BASEMENT OFFICES APARTMENTS G0 F+1 F+2 F-1 TELCO OOO Modem/Router Device-Control RFID FRONT-DOOR

16 Tele-reception/surveillance sample Postman’s tele-reception

17 WEB-Citofono intercom+phone+terminal HANG UP SCROLL CALL TODO/CALL with green key [C] F-0 CALL with green key [C] F-1 Scroll DIRECTORY with key [>] F-3 CALL/TODO with green key [C] F-4 Scroll MENU' with key [>] F-5 Entry(6)Internal(<4) PIN*PSW C>C CLOSE with red key [X] F-2 ServiceNumber CX> (Null) C * C Internal(<4) C * 0 CX>C Internal Call External Call Building Automation VOCAL TERMINAL PHONE INTERCOM


19 Switch Readers Actuators Alarms Personal Computer @-Condominium software Aff@ri Impi@nti Resources Business WEB-Server (HTTP/HTML) (MIME) MAIL-Server (SMTP/POP3) (MIME) VOIP-Server (SIP) O Devices Control WEB-Camera WEB-Citofono Condominium management Facility management Status Configurations WS Software hosted in ISP/ASP Center Terminal equipments & Peripheral devices Condominium Administrators Suppliers Norms Procedures Processes Documents Facilities Equipments Devices TCP/IP

20 Control-room vs contact-center

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