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bright blue. So Smart, Its Simple! To the Presenter:

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1 bright blue. So Smart, Its Simple! To the Presenter:
The purpose of this presentation is to provide a bright blue overview for Aftermarket Dealers and Distributors. Please note that we have provided speaker notes for most slides (unless they are self-explanatory) to assist you with talking points on each topic. Feel free to modify this presentation as you see fit to best address your audience. For questions, comments or general feedback, please contact either Lynn Wood or Jason Palleschi Thank you for your support and good luck with your presentations!

2 What is bright blue? It’s a web-based access control
system that’s easy to install, operate and afford.

3 What makes bright blue so smart?
The blue box! It’s web-based Software resides on the board No software to install Dedicated PC not required Anytime, anywhere access Easy to manage, easier to use Simple to sell, install, train and support bright blue was engineered to be the easiest-to-use access control system on the market today. The software application is embedded directly on the controller board, so there’s no software to install or designated PC required. Just plug bright blue into your existing network and a power source and you’re ready to manage your facility. The system supports a wide range of industry standard proximity, magnetic stripe and smart card readers. In addition, using Schlage Hardwired and Wireless Locks eliminates the need for a reader interface and additional door hardware, thus resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings per door.

4 bright blue System Architecture
1. Connect bright blue controller to LAN and connect power 3. Access the software from any computer running Internet Explorer or Firefox bright blue Intelligent Access Management Connect up to 32 access control devices with video RS-485 Connection Schlage Hardwired Electronic Lock Schlage Wireless Electronic Lock Schlage Reader or Biometric Reader Schlage DVR/NVR Integrated Video Up to 32 IP and/or Analog Cameras LAN Web Browser/Video Client SBB-RI or SBB-NRI PIM SBB SEVMS-SBB 4. Add a Schlage DVR/NVR to capture associated video 2. Connect any combination of up to 32 devices Note: This slide builds. Click ‘Enter’ or ‘Page Down’ for subsequent builds. Is bright blue really that easy? Yes! All you need to do is connect your bright blue controller to the Local Area Network and plug in power. From there, you can connect up to 32 devices. Use any combination of Schlage Hardwired or Wireless Electronic Locks or any standard proximity or magnetic stripe card reader with a reader interface. Access the software by using any network connected computer running Internet Explorer or FireFox Web Browsers to manage your bright blue system. For added security, connect a Schlage video recorder to capture associated bright blue transactions on video. Note that video client software will need to be installed on your PC.

5 Features Supports up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders Pre-configured,
network-ready package Control over who goes where and when Access anytime and anywhere there’s internet access Now, lets take a closer look at bright blue’s key product features. bright blue is a UL approved system that comes pre-configured and network ready, and allows you to manage up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders. The best part is that you can access and manage your system from anywhere at anytime – all you need is internet access!

6 Features Supports magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card technologies Supports Card + PIN Application wizards for easy use Standard reports for authorized personnel Manual overrides to temporarily unlock doors Automatic backup Lockdown feature Toggle bright blue supports magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card technologies. The system incorporates application wizards for easy operation, and comes with 15 standardized easy-to-run reports. With a few clicks, you can run reports on access attempts, device transactions, personnel information and more. Other features include automatic database back ups, easy lockdown capabilities, and many other convenient features.

7 Benefits An easy-to-use interface No need for a dedicated
PC or security network It’s just like accessing a website Training takes just minutes Flashable firmware means easy upgrades The most cost-effective solution on the market today

8 Simple = Profitable bright blue is easy to sell because it:
Reduces sales cycles Makes installation effortless Reduces support issues Shortens training time Is cost-effective Provides the right feature set for your customers

9 Its intelligent design makes it perfect for:
Small to medium-sized commercial offices Medical and dental offices K-12 schools Property management Retail Houses of worship The bright blue system was designed to meet the specific needs of small to medium sized organizations. Schlage conducted an extensive amount of research with our dealers and end-users to develop a system that was easy to sell, install, train, support and use. In doing so, we ensured that bright blue satisfied the needs of 90% of the marketplace. It’s the perfect solution for small commercial offices, medical/dental offices, K-12 schools, property management facilities, retail stores and more. Essentially, bright blue is the right solution for any system with 1 to 32 doors.

10 It gets even smarter Use bright blue with Schlage Hardwired and Wireless Electronic Locks and there are: Fewer wires to run Greater time savings Lower labor costs Easier installations No additional door hardware needed

11 Genius pull through opportunities
Schlage AD-300 Hardwired Electronic Lock Schlage AD-400 Wireless Electronic Lock PIM SBB Schlage Readers Additional Door Hardware Schlage Reader Interfaces (RS-485 or networkable) Door Contact Schlage REX Schlage Electric Strike Video Schlage Video Recorders Analog and/or IP Cameras

12 Mechanical to electronic access control migration
Electronic access control is growing at a rate of 12% per year vs. 3% for mechanical access control

13 Mechanical to electronic access control, cont.
How bright blue bridges the gap: Schlage makes every aspect of the system easy Web-based Few wires to run Tutorials available for training Pull through mechanical door hardware Shortened sales cycles Increase your solution portfolio with Schlage Hardwired and Wireless Locks

14 bright blue Product Family
SBB bright blue controller board SBB-RI bright blue reader interface SBB-NRI bright blue Network Reader Interface AD-400 Series Wireless Locks PIM SBB bright blue PIM AD-300 Series Hardwired Locks PS902 2A Schlage Power Supply PS904 4A Schlage Power Supply PS906 6A Schlage Power Supply Schlage Power Supply Options (Distribution Board, Fire Alarm Relay, Battery Backup, etc.) NOTE: This slide builds. Please hit ‘Enter’ or ‘Page Down’ for subsequent builds. The bright blue product family consists of a few basic components. First, there is the bright blue controller board. <Enter> If using a Schlage (or wiegand) card reader, you would need a Reader Interface (one-to-one) If using our AD-300 Wireless Locks you will need a Panel Interface Module (one PIM for every 16 Wireless Locks) If using our AD-400 Hardwired Locks, there is no interface panel necessary We offer 2 amp, 4 amp and 6 amp power supplies. These are used to meet the power requirements of the locks and readers connected to the bright blue system. Please check our website for more information on the power requirements of each device. And finally, add a Schlage video recorder to the system and have all of your access control transactions tied to video. Side note: We also offer a large selection of readers and credentials (proximity, magstripe and smart technologies). SEVMS-SBB DVR/NVR Video Integration

15 We make selling easy Sales Tools Available Case Studies
Case Studies FAQs – Sales & Technical Sales Presentations Sell Sheets – End-user & Dealer Tutorials Vertical Market Solutions Competitive Analysis Please check out our website at for the latest bright blue materials.

16 Available Resources Technical Support & Customer Service
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern (877) , Option 2 Technical Documentation Marketing Materials Datasheets FAQs Media Software Tutorials Now lets take a look at the additional resources available to you. If you need Technical Support or Customer Service our knowledgeable representatives are standing by. Feel free to call them from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time at Dial 2 for tech support, then press 6 for bright blue. You will also find many other helpful items at Stop by for the latest technical documentation, sales & marketing materials, and datasheets. On our training and support page, we have interactive tutorials available that will walk you through every feature of bright blue. These are great tools for you and your customer!

17 Thank You


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