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INTRODUCTION Toomeeting Conference (TMC) is the easiest and more accessible multimedia videoconferencing solution on market. TMC offers a large portfolio.

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2 INTRODUCTION Toomeeting Conference (TMC) is the easiest and more accessible multimedia videoconferencing solution on market. TMC offers a large portfolio with different tools that allows you to initiate videoconferences that emulate in-person meetings and also allow the users to share information in the format they want. Your working environment is unlimited. Wherever you are, you will be able to share information, documents and work with remote users. Talk and participate as if there were no distances. We offer you a multiplatform accessibility, with any operating system, Windows, Mac or Linux. There are no specific requirements other than a PC with Internet connection.

3 TECHNOLOGY Based on client-server architecture, Toomeeting Conference ensures networks and equipments good operating. The server is a Java-based application and is running on Red Hat Linux. It is in charge of the management and distribution of the different simultaneous conferences. The software has been developed in different platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac. WxWidgets libraries C++ programming language. Clients communicate altogether through the server, via TCP. Audio Communication routed through UDP protocol

4 TOOLS Online Communication Multidirectional voice and Full duplex. Multidirectional Videoconference. Public chat between all the users. Private chat between two users or between a moderator and a user. Online collaboration Multidirectional Full Desk (Share desktop). Multidirectional Remote Control of Applications Video Player and browser. Sending files and polls. Sistema GO ON. Record the events. Digital signature. Secure commercial, administrative and legal transactions online..

5 FUNCTIONNALITIES Communication: Audio, video and text Automatic control of the invitations (SMS / email) (Pymes and Premium) Administrator of the room and conference (Pymes and Premium) Two room modalities: Moderated / Free (Pymes and Premium) Remote control of the applications (Pymes and Premium) Platform with digital signature (Premium) Multiplatform (Only Premium) Sending files Videos viewing (Pymes and Premium) Online test (Pyme and Premium) Power point and whiteboard tool Guided web navigation (Pymes and Premium) Public / Private chat Access modalities: free / personal password /unique password (Pymes and Premium) Full desk application: share desktop (Pymes and Premium) Sistema GO ON recording the events (Pymes and Premium) intelligent system Interface: English, Spanish, French

6 DIGITAL SIGNATURE This method is based on some cryptographic techniques that secure the administrative, legal and commercial transactions online. The digital signature or electronic signature is a cryptographic method that associates people identity or computing equipment to a message or document. Through TMC, you will be able to exchange any kind of information including contractual and administrative information between remote people. Thanks to digital signature the transmitter and receptor of a message are making a reliable transaction. In which cases can we use the digital signature in TMC Contracts signing Acts approval, various documents Board voting Realization of different tests and proofs




10 It is an independent managing configuration that perfectly controls all the tools and users of a videoconference, making events and meetings planning easier in the calendar. Tasks: Initiate an event Send invitations with access password Choose the type of conference: moderator/free Manage users’ contact list: inscription or cancellation of a user. Determine the type of access for guests: private/public Manage recorded sessions Give title to events Upload videos and presentations for a remote viewing. Access to different statistics: classified by event, by participant, by moderator…



13 BROADBAND An algorithm estimates the necessary land surface broadband according to the capacity available for each user of the videoconference. At the very best, such consumption will not exceed16 Kb/sec. The worst, the users with a 3-4 Kb/sec. Internet connection can use the broadband. The number of participants does not interfere in the consumption of each user during a videoconference. The broadband speed is 150Mb/sec. In details, we have: Audio: less than 2Kb/sec for upload and maximum of 2kb/sec for download. WebCam: Maximum bit rate of 8Kb/sec for upload and download. Remote desktop: Maximum bit rate of 14Kb/sec for upload and download. Video: works with MediaPlayer streaming. The rest of the devices have an invaluable comsumption (Shared browser, slides, whiteboard, public chat and private chat).

14 RECOMMENDED PERIPHERALS Toomeeting Conference only requires that each user get equipped with a Pc, a standard Internet connection and multimedia equipment (headphones, microphone and an optional webcam) Unidirectional microphones



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