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© 2006 VEGA Informatica proprietary & confidential Piero Slocovich VEGA INFORMATICA R&D Building Automation Systems (BAS) Management by Internet.

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1 © 2006 VEGA Informatica proprietary & confidential Impi@nti Piero Slocovich VEGA INFORMATICA R&D Building Automation Systems (BAS) Management by Internet

2 Impi@nti: What it does Impi@nti cooperate with Aff@ri (Community oriented Business Server) to manage Building Automation Systems (BAS), for the @-Condominium application, with its software hosted in the ISP/ASP Its features and performances cold be explained by the @-Condominium building automation facility CondoNet.CondoNet Facilities managers are driving the change by demanding more-open systems. They're pushing BAS vendors to transform today's closed technologies into Web-enabled applications running over industry- standard IP networks. And the management of BAS is likely to increasingly fall to IT. March 14, 2005 (Computerworld)

3 Impi@nti: how it is used Interphones Video-Cameras Devices controllers. Impi@nti enables the facility administration, by WEB based control consol, for all terminal equipments and peripheral devices of everyone building area of everyone condominium of everyone @-Condominium district. The facility master-console enables to access to specific console, for each type of terminal equipments:master-console and its various peripheral devices (ex. RFID Readers).RFID Readers For example the interphones-consol shows the physical location, functional role and status/usage of everyone Interphone, in the concerned area, and enables authorized personnel to add and [re]configure it.

4 Impi@nti: what results can be obtained Impi@nti software architecture approaches the building facility management in very flexible way, independently from its size and complexity:software architecture Everyone facility and components are identified by its unique code and correctly located into its right condominium area The terminal equipments are Ethernet and Internet enabled (WEB- Server, Mail-Client, SNMP-Agent, etc.), as equipped with CPU and programmable Operating System. The peripheral devices are controlled by the terminal equipments through local connections RS232/USB. Each facility provides one modem/switch/firewall, that interfaces Internet with Ethernet LAN of the building area CondoNET.CondoNET

5 Impi@nti: how it is different As building automation systems (BAS) that control heat, air conditioning, lighting and other building systems get smarter, they're converging with traditional IT infrastructures. Emerging standards are enabling data sharing between building systems as well as with other business applications, improving efficiency and real-time control over building operating costs. Information security concerns, immature standards, the reluctance of vendors to give up proprietary technologies and ignorance among IT professionals of the convergence trend are all slowing the pace of this transformation, but it's gathering momentum. March 14, 2005 (Computerworld) Impi@nti is coming, just in time!

6 Impi@nti: requirements/opportunities Appliance patents Software digital rights Software licensing World-wide products: SOBAS Service Oriented Building Automation System To ISPs/ASPs WEB-Citofono CondoNet Beatle Digingillo CondoBoard Hosting ASP/ISP with: Windows 2000 Server or Linux Caché 5 by Intersystems Web-Server (Apache or IIS) Mail Server SNMP Infrastructure WEB Services Infrastructure

7 Switch Readers Actuators Alarms Personal Computer Impi@nti: cooperation with Aff@ri Aff@ri Impi@nti Resources Business WEB-Server (HTTP/HTML) (MIME) MAIL-Server (SMTP/POP3) (MIME) VOIP-Server (SIP) O Devices Control WEB-Camera WEB-Citofono Condominium management BAS management Status Configurations WS Software hosted in ISP/ASP Center Terminal equipments & Peripheral devices Condominium Administrators Suppliers Norms Procedures Processes Documents Facility Equipments Devices TCP/IP

8 CondoNet layout xDSL FOptical WiMax Beatle Condo Board HALL BASEMENT OFFICES APARTMENTS G0 F+1 F+2 F-1 TELCO OOO Modem/Router Device-Control RFID FRONT-DOOR

9 Impi@nti: building facility synopsis WEB-Citofono Video-Camera Switch RFID Master Consol Equipments/Devices Consol

10 Interphone: intercom+phone+terminal HANG UP SCROLL CALL TODO/CALL with green key [C] F-0 CALL with green key [C] F-1 Scroll DIRECTORY with key [>] F-3 CALL/TODO with green key [C] F-4 Scroll MENU' with key [>] F-5 Entry(6)Internal(<4) PIN*PSW C>C CLOSE with red key [X] F-2 ServiceNumber CX> (Null) C * C Internal(<4) C * 0 CX>C Internal Call External Call Building Automation VOCAL TERMINAL PHONE INTERCOM


12 Impi@nti: software architecture BUILDING PLANT DEVICES TERMINAL VIDEOCAMERA IP SwitchAlarm RS232/USB LightSiren TERMINAL INTERPHONE IP RS232/USB Switch Lock ReaderActuator TERMINAL CONTROLLER (PSB/DSP) RS232/USB MeterLight

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