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© 2006 VEGA Informatica A community oriented Business Server Piero Slocovich VEGA INFORMATICA R&D.

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1 © 2006 VEGA Informatica Aff@ri A community oriented Business Server Piero Slocovich VEGA INFORMATICA R&D

2 Aff@ri: what it does It provides one innovative tele-working framework for any business communities, such as: business communities Extended Enterprise SME industrial district Professional and artisan area Healthcare and public utilities Municipal and national public administration

3 Aff@ri: how it is used Each organization self-manages on the WEB its own organization chart (White-Pages) with related product standards (Yellow-Pages) and process rules (Green-Pages). The managers and clerks will use all that to carry out their work (Blue- Pages) to create document contents into folders (Orange-Pages) that satisfy the business requirements and targets.managers and clerks The work in progress is supported by the public knowledge of its own enterprise and of the whole community and by private experience of the current and the past business activities (knowledge/experience thai-ci).knowledge/experience thai-ci As more result, the management is supported to optimize the enterprise performances by directly verifying and updating the current business practices.

4 Aff@ri: what results can be obtained It supports all forms of business collaboration vs competition, based upon clear organizational resources: Directly (on the WEB) both within the enterprise or between enterprises, in the business community. Indirectly (via fax, email, post) with external contacts. As well the business relations are understand between players in the community, rather than between users of the information system. It controls who can/should do what, when and how and it certifies the activities carried out and the results obtained, independently of the level/kind of activity automation by itself. It provides the development and maintenance of the automation software and the administration, training and assistance of the players, within the business community itself.

5 Aff@ri: how it is different It provides a collaboration oriented info-structure, inside business communities, and a internet oriented techno-structure, to act as instrument and paradigm for universal communication. The collaboration is achieved by using WEB-forms and reports, that represent the up-to-date organizing profile and the business practices. All this from the players WEB-dashboard, to access to its own business in every concerned community, enterprise and role. The ease of use, based upon: integration between contents and folders, public knowledge and private experience and standards and procedures, implementation based upon the distinction between application logic vs application itself and collaboration vs communication, are not available in other commercial products today.

6 Aff@ri: requirements & opportunities Hosting ASP/ISP with: Windows 2000 Server or Linux Caché 5 by Intersystems Web-Server (Apache or IIS) Mail Server WEB Services Infrastructure (optional) Property rights Licensing Software revenues: To ISPs/ASPs 4SWfM Simple Semantic Structured Serviceable Workflow Management RMDM Relativistic Master Data Management

7 Business community Aff@ri Other Communities Enterprise s People Automations


9 Enterprise knowledge/experience thaici Knowledge Experience Stakeholder Market govern develop

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