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Team Pre-AP World Challenge!

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1 Team Pre-AP World Challenge!

2 Question 1 What is a Satrap?
Persian Governors who would rule Satrapies or Provinces

3 Question 2 Who are the strong leaders that allowed the Persian Empire to rise? Cyrus and Darius

4 Question 3 A ruler who has total power. What is an Absolute Monarch?

5 Question 4 What is the authority of the Persian Kings based on?
Ahura Mazda, Persian God

6 Question 5 How was the Persian army organized Into units of 10,000

7 Question 6 What does it mean to centralize a government?
Power rests in the hands of one person, executed from a capital.

8 Question 7 What is the capital of the Persian Empire? Persepolis

9 Question 8 Why were the spies situated on the outskirts of the Empire? The land farthest from the capital is the hardest to control.

10 Question 9 Why would the Persians practice tolerance of other cultures they conquered? To cement their authority and prevent rebellion.

11 Question 10 What are the systems Persians put in place to improve their infrastructure? Standardize money, royal road, postal system, canals.

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