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Darius Expands the Empire

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1 Darius Expands the Empire
Persian Empire Darius Expands the Empire

2 Darius Extends Persian Control
After Cyrusʼs death, weaker ruler= rebellions Darius followed= put down revolts Conquered lands= India Persian Empire= 2,800 miles from E to W After Cyrusʼs death, weaker ruler faced rebellions Darius I followed weak ruler, put down revolts Darius conquered lands as far east as India Persian Empire grew to 2,800 miles from east to west

3 Darius Extends Persian Control
Darius the Great ( B.C.) Largest empire Great administrator Achaemenid Empire= 70+ different ethnic groups Darius the Great ( B.C.E.) Built the largest empire the world had ever seen. He was known for being a great administrator. The Achaemenid Empire had more than 70 different ethnic groups. He established an empire that provided for communication throughout

4 Darius Extends Persian Control
Centralized administration=communication throughout empire Capital=Persepolis Royal residences Military quarters Treasury Persepolis was the administrative center and monument to the dynasty. Bustled with ministers, advisors, diplomats, scribes, accountants, translators and bureaucratic officers.

5 Political Organization
Divided into provinces Provinces—areas similar to states, each w/ local gov’t Set up satraps—governors who ran provinces, collected taxes Appointed military commanders for each satrap Darius divided large empire into 20 provinces provinces—areas of land similar to states, each with local government set up satraps—governors who ran provinces, collected taxes appointed military commanders for each satrap spies called “kingʼs eyes and ears” helped Darius control satraps

6 Political Organization
Balance between central power & local Most satraps were Persian w/ locals a posts Imperial Spies= “kingʼs eyes and ears” helped him control satraps

7 Uniting the Empire Started use of Royal Road for gov’t purposes
Royal mgs sent by relay Asia Minor to Iran Moved troops, mail, and promoted trade Law code based on Hammurabiʼs Minted coins Darius started use of Royal Road for government purposes royal messages sent by a relay of horseback messengers took caravans 90 days to travel this road, lodging at inns along the well-policed route. stretched from Sardis to Susa; moved troops, mail, and promoted trade Darius set up law code based on Hammurabiʼs and used minted coins

8 Enemies of Persia Darius died in 486 B.C.
Followed by son, Xerxes, who had to deal with Egypt and Greece Darius died in 486 B.C., before attacking Egyptian rebels followed by son, Xerxes, who had to deal with Egypt and Greece

9 Enemies of Persia Xerxes ( B.C.E.), flaunted Persian identity & imposed values Created ill will in Mesopotamia and Egypt

10 The Persian Wars (500 – 479 B.C.E.)
Greeks in Anatolia resented Persian governors Rebelled= expelling or executing governors Launched a series of conflicts= Persian Wars The Achaemenids had a difficult time with their ethnic Greek subjects and efforts to control the Greeks helped to bring about the collapse of the Achaemenid empire. Ethnic Greeks inhabited many of the cities in Anatolia especially the region of Ionia on the Aegean coast of western Anatolia and they maintained close economic and commercial ties with their cousins in the peninsula of Greece. The Iionian Greeks fell under Persian domination during the reign of Cyrus. They became restive under Darius’s Persian governors “tyrants” the Greeks called them who oversaw their affairs. In 500 B.C.E. the Ionian cities rebelled, expelled or executed their governors and asserted their independence. Their rebellion launched a series of conflicts known as the Persian Wars (500 to 479 B.C.E.)

11 The Persian Wars (500 – 479 B.C.E.)
150 yrs, Persian empire fought w/ Greek cities Greek cities= too small & unorganized to pose a serious threat Standoff ended with the rise of Alexander of Macedon or Alexander the Great Persian Empire ended For 150 years, the Persian empire sparred with the Greek cities. The Greek cities were too small and disunited to pose a serious threat to the Persian empire. The standoff ended with the rise of Alexander of Macedon or Alexander the Great.

12 Quick Review How large did the Persian Empire grow?
Where did Darius build the Persian capital? What were some of Darius’ strategies for controlling his large empire? Which leader struggled with tolerance? What brought an end to the Persian Empire

13 Venn Diagram: Cyrus vs. Darius vs. Xerxes

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