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(Revised) Conrad-Demarest Model of Empire

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1 (Revised) Conrad-Demarest Model of Empire
Mr. Millhouse AP World History Hebron High School

2 Questions to Consider What are the four stages of the Conrad-Demarest Model of Empire? What are the benefits and limits of using historical models to understand history? How well do the Classical Empires fit the Conrad- Demarest Model of Empire?

3 Stage 1: Pre-Conditions for Empire
State-level government (such as a city-state or kingdom) High agricultural potential Environmental diversity A power vacuum. Several small neighboring states with no dominate power. Mutual hostility between neighboring states. Adequate military resources (people, weapons, etc.)

4 Egypt

5 Mesopotamia

6 Mesopotamia

7 Persia

8 Persia – Power Vacuum

9 Persia

10 Stage 2: Rise of Persian Empire
Charismatic leadership Cyrus the Great Darius Military victories Conquer Mesopotamia, Turkey, and Egypt Economic and/or social reform Practiced religious toleration

11 The Persian Empire

12 Rewards of Persian Empire
Bureaucracy Satraps Infrastructure Royal Road Military/Defense The Immortals Culture Architecture Zoroastrianism A Persian satrap

13 The Royal Road

14 The Immortals

15 Persian Culture

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