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Ancient Persia & Greece

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1 Ancient Persia & Greece

2 The Persian Empire (Modern Iran)
Limited natural resources / rich in mineral resources (G,S,C,T) Cyrus the Great & Darius I = Expanded Empire Persian Style of Govt. Satraps (Royal Relation) Autonomous Provinces Province paid tribute / Limited supply of G & S King = Lawgiver / People = Maintain Traditions Zoroastrianism = Major Monotheistic Religion Dualistic (Good v. Evil) Influenced Judaism & Christianity

3 The Persian Empire (1000-500 BCE)
Achievements Spread knowledge of iron metallurgy Long distance trade route linked India, SW Asia, & Egypt Held together empire despite diverse peoples b/c of tolerance Relied on local leaders Trade & War with Greece = Artistic & Philosophical exchange

4 Ancient Greek City-States
Polis = City State & its rural territory Athens & Sparta = Maritime Power v. Agricultural/ Military Power Trireme & Hoplite Reliance on Slave Labor Athens shift from aristocracy to democracy (Pericles) Overpopulation leads to Colonization & Trade, New Ideas, Spread of Greek Identity/Philosophy Major Conflicts Persian Wars ( BCE) Peloponnesian Wars ( )

5 Culture of Classical Greece
Common Culture Olympic Games (776 BCE) Religious Beliefs / Ceremonies Slaves / Gender Inequality Greek Religion = Sky gods who represented forces of nature w/human characteristics Philosophy & Thought Aristotle = Oral Culture Plato = Written Culture Herodotus = Research / Recording

6 Alexander & the Hellenistic Age
Weakened City States = Macedonian Conquest Philip of Macedonia Alexander the Great Alexander’s Empire built upon remnants of the conquered Persian Empire Hellenistic Age ( BCE) Blending of Greek & Persian Culture (intermarriage) Stability = Long Distance Trade Stoicism = Use of reason to lead virtuous lives

7 The Acropolis at Athens

8 Battle of Issus

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