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BELLRINGER 8/18 Define Renaissance.

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1 BELLRINGER 8/18 Define Renaissance.
The teachings and ideas of the Renaissance came from this culture: Islamic Aztec Greco-Roman Chinese The Renaissance began in the city-states of France. Italy. Greece. England

2 Bellringer 8/19 Explain who Erasmus was and why he was important.
Describe two differences in Italian and Northern Renaissance art. Why do you think these differences developed?

3 Bellringer 8/22 In what ways was Renaissance art revolutionary?

4 Bellringer 8/23 Describe a Renaissance man.
Why do you think the Mona Lisa has become such a famous work of art? Why do you think Machiavelli’s writings remain popular? How did Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific studies help his art?

5 Bellringer 8/24 Which statement best describes a characteristic of the Renaissance in Europe? the social structure became very rigid creativity in the arts was encouraged the political structure was similar to that of the Roman Empire humanism decreased in importance In Europe, a major characteristic of humanism was a belief in the supremacy of the state in relation to individual rights a rejection of ancient civilizations and their cultures an emphasis on social control and obedience to national rulers an appreciation for the basic worth of individual achievement Which idea about leadership would Niccolo Machiavelli most likely support? leaders should do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals leaders should fight against discrimination and intolerance leaders should listen to the desires of the people elected leaders should be fair and good

6 Bellringer 8/25 Leonardo da Vinci Othello Michelangelo The Mona Lisa
Match the artist/writer to their piece of work. Each answer choice is only used once and every answer choice is used. Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo Donatello Raphael Erasmus of Rotterdam William Shakespeare Othello The Mona Lisa David Sistine Chapel School of Athens The Praise of Folly

7 Bellringer 8/26 The Renaissance spread north from Italy to the rest of Europe by trade routes wars routes through Alps Mountains all of the above The Renaissance refers to the time period from 1400 – 1600 One factor that enabled the Renaissance to flourish in Northern Italy was that the region had a wealthy class that invested in the arts a socialist form of government limited contact with the Byzantine Empire a shrinking middle class

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