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Renaissance Means REBIRTH Rebirth of art and learning Began in northern Italy.

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2 Renaissance Means REBIRTH Rebirth of art and learning Began in northern Italy

3 Economic Foundations Increased demand for Middle Eastern products Encouraged the use of credit and banking Letters of credit expanded supply of money and sped up trade. New accounting and bookkeeping practices used Arabic numerals

4 Italy Italian city-states became rich from trade: –FlorenceFlorence –Venice –Genoa They were trading centers for the distribution of goods to northern Europe. Independent city-states governed as republics by wealthy merchants.

5 Niccolo Machiavelli Wrote The PrinceThe Prince –guidelines for the how to get power by absolute rule. Believed the ends justified the means One should do good if possible, but do evil when necessary.

6 Art and Literature Medieval art and literature focused on the Church and salvation. Renaissance art and literature focused on individuals and worldly matters, along with Christianity.

7 Artists and Writers Artists –Leonardo da Vinci –Michelangelo Writers –Petrarch

8 Leonardo da Vinci Painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper Handsome, athletic, singer, artist, scientist, inventor


10 Notebooks



13 Michelangelo Painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and sculpted David Sculptor, painter, architect, poet

14 The Sistine Chapel CeilingSistine Chapel

15 Creation of Eve Creation of Adam Separation of Light and Darkness The Last Judgment

16 Pieta David

17 Moses 1513-1515

18 Raphael Painter 1483-1520

19 The School of Athens

20 Pythagoras Socrates Plato and Aristotle

21 Euclid Zoroaster & Ptolemy Raphael (back) 

22 Petrarch Wrote Sonnets He wrote with a Humanistic approach Considered the “Father of Humanism”

23 Humanism Celebrated the individual Stimulated the study of Greek and Roman literature and culture Humanists were supported by PATRONS who were very wealthy The Vitruvian Man

24 Northern Renaissance With the rise of trade, travel and literacy, the Italian Renaissance spread to northern Europe. The art and literature changed as people of different cultures adopted Renaissance ideas.

25 Northern Renaissance Writers Erasmus—The Praise of Folly (1511) Critical of corrupt church practices Catalyst for Protestant Reformation

26 Northern Renaissance Writers Sir Thomas More —Utopia (1516)Sir Thomas More Depicts world with perfect social, legal and political system Leading humanist scholar

27 The Printing Press Major invention of the Renaissance Printing press created by Johannes Gutenberg –Was the first way to print large amounts of text at once, instead of by hand or by blocks –1 st book printed was the “Gutenberg Bible” Influence of the printing press was… –Made books faster and more accessible to people –Made books much cheaper than before –Increased the literacy rate of people in Europe –Allowed more people the ability to be educated

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