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Renaissance SOL Review #9

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1 Renaissance SOL Review #9

2 Part 1: Italian Renaissance
1. Define: Renaissance   REBIRTH 2. How did the Crusades help to bring about the Renaissance?   INCREASED TRADE BETWEEN MIDDLE EAST AND EUROPE 3. One result of the increased trade with the Middle East was it stimulated production of European products to be sold in the ______________ ___________. MIDDLE EAST

3 Part 1: Italian Renaissance

4 Part 1: Italian Renaissance
4. How do banks and those who gave credit to others make money? INTEREST PAID ON THE LOAN 5. Why did the Catholic Church lose power in Northern Italy during the Renaissance? CATHOLIC CHURCH DID NOT LIKE PEOPLE CHARGING INTEREST ON LOANS 6. Define: Usury CHARGING INTEREST ON LOANS

5 Part 1: Italian Renaissance
7. Northern Italy was the trading center that traded Middle Eastern goods to the rest of _______________. EUROPE 8. What where the three leading Italian city-states during Renaissance? A. FLORENCE B. VENICE C. GENOA

6 Part 1: Italian Renaissance
9. Why were these Italian city-states wealthy? A. Were along _______________ routes connecting the rest of ________________ with Middle Eastern markets. TRADE EUROPE

7 Part 2: Italian Renaissance Art and Literature
Medieval art and literature focused on the ____________ and salvation, while Renaissance art and literature focused on ______________ and worldly matters, along with Christianity. CHURCH INDIVIDUALS

8 Part 2: Italian Renaissance Art and Literature
2. What did Leonardo da Vinci paint? A. MONA LISA B. THE LAST SUPPER

9 Part 2: Italian Renaissance Art and Literature
3. What were two artistic creations of Michelangelo? A. CEILING OF THE SISTINE CHAPEL B. DAVID (SCULPTURE)

10 Part 2: Italian Renaissance Art and Literature
4. Who is considered the Father of Humanism because of his sonnets?   PETRARCH 5. Humanist: A. Celebrated the INDIVIDUAL B. Stimulated the study of GREEK and ROMAN literature and culture. C. Supported by wealthy PATRONS. (A person who gives financial or other support to a person)

11 Part 2: Italian Renaissance Art and Literature
6. Who wrote the Prince? MACHIAVELLI 7. The Prince: A. An early modern treatise on GOVERNMENT. B. Supported absolute POWER of the ruler. C. Maintains that the END justifies the means. D. Advises that one should do GOOD if possible, but do evil when necessary. 8. According to The Prince what should a ruler do in order to stay in power? BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

12 Part 3: Northern Renaissance

13 Part 3: Northern Renaissance
Northern Renaissance thinkers merged humanism ideas and the individual with ___________________.   CHRISTIANITY 2. Who invented the movable printing press?   GUTENBERG 3. What were two results of movable print? A. Increase _________ and sale of ______. PRODUCTION BOOKS B. Helped spread ___________ throughout Europe IDEA

14 III. Northern Renaissance
Gutenberg Bible

15 Part 3: Northern Renaissance
5. What did Erasmus write? THE PRAISE OF FOLLY 6. What did Sir Thomas More write? UTOPIA 7. Northern Renaissance artists portrayed _____________ and secular subjects. RELIGIOUS

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