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Unit 4 Sentence Pattern Sophie Chen 102.10.21 光榮國中.

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1 Unit 4 Sentence Pattern Sophie Chen 102.10.21 光榮國中





6 Story : In the graveyard 1.Why were Tom and Huck in the graveyard? 2.Why were the two men digging the grave? 3.What happened to Dr. Robison? 4.Who was innocent ( 無辜的 ) and who was the real killer? 5.What happened to Dr. Robison and Injun Joe five years ago? 6.How did Sheriff’s men catch Muff Potter?

7 Story: In the graveyard Tom went to bed at half past nine. He waited for Huck’s meow, and at eleven o’clock it came. He and Huck walked out of the village with the dead cat. When the boys got there, they put the dead cat on a grave and sat down behind some trees. Three men moved quietly through the graveyard and came nearer to the trees.

8 Story: In the graveyard They were graverobbers. They stopped at Hoss Williams’ grave and Injun Joe and Muff Potter began to dig. Ten minutes later the grave was open. Muff Potter told the doctor they needed five dollars more to take the body to his house. The doctor said no. Then Injun Joe took the doctor’s arm, but suddenly the doctor hit him, and Injun Joe fell to the ground.

9 Story: In the graveyard Then Muff Potter jumped on the doctor and the two men began to fight. Injun Joe got up and he had Muff Potter’s knife in his hand. He moved behind to the doctor, and then the doctor hit Muff Potter on the head. Muff fell to the ground, and at the same time the knife in Injun Joe’s hand went into the doctor’s back, and he didn’t move again.

10 Story 1: In the graveyard Injun Joe put the knife into Muff Potter’s hand. Muff Potter didn’t know what happened. He drank whiskey tonight and he couldn’t remember anything. Injun Joe told him he killed the doctor and he would not say a word to anyone. Then he asked Muff Potter to get away quickly. After Muff Potter went away, Joe put Potter’s knife next to the doctor’s body, and then he left the graveyard, too.

11 Story: In the graveyard The next day the Sheriff’s men found the doctor’s body and Muff Potter’s knife in the graveyard. That night Muff came to the graveyard to get his knife, but Sheriff’s men were there. They took Muff to the jail, and Muff sat for four weeks and waited for his trial. By the way, a day five years ago, Injun Joe came to the doctor’s house and asked for something to eat. But the doctor gave nothing to him. Nothing.

12 Let the truth ( 真相 ) come out. Tom called Sheriff and he told the truth, but how could Sheriff know that Tom was telling the truth. If you were Sheriff, what would you do?

13 你是 Sheriff 你要用哪一種句型來找 真相 ? 現在式 ? 現在進行式 ? 過去式 ? 還是 ….?

14 過去進行式 1.was /were + Ving 例 : Tom, what were you doing in the graveyard? 2. 過去式 vs. 過去進行式, 何時使用 ? -Patty attended her uncle’s wedding in Kenting. - Ms. Chen was sick, so she didn’t come to school yesterday. - Lora was preparing dinner at seven last night. -Mark was mopping the floor at that time. 3. 過去進行式有什麼特點 ?

15 Worksheet 1. 每組一張學習單 2. 如果你是 Sheriff, 請向下面三個人各問 3 個問題 (1) Tom and Huck (2) Injun Joe (3) Muff Potter 3. 小組討論出三個問題與回答, 且必為過去進行 式 4. 派一個人分享答案

16 Homework Please finish P. 43 and workbook p.17.

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