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The Legend of King Arthur

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1 The Legend of King Arthur

2 What is a Legend? a traditional historical tale or collection of related tales popularly regarded as true, but usually contain a mixture of fact and fiction not to be confused with a myth (A traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings as a way of explaining the natural world)

3 True History Most scholars believe that a Welsh King named Arthur did defeat the Saxons in the 5th or 6th century. There are old historical records of his feats. There are ruins of a castle in Cornwall that many believe to belong to Arthur Not much else is known of the real Arthur, most accounts are very exaggerated.

4 The Legend - Arthur’s childhood
Arthur is the son of King Uther Pendragon, but is orphaned at a young age, unaware of his royal heritage Upon King Uther’s death, Merlin places the magical sword Excalibur in a stone containing a spell that only the rightful king could remove it from the stone In need of a sword for his adoptive brother, Arthur pulls Excalibur from the stone, proving himself the rightful king of England

5 The New King’s First Challenge
When Arthur assumes power, England is torn apart by war and is on the brink of invasion by the Saxons To unite the country and defeat the Saxons, Arthur creates the Knights of the Round table. This is a revolutionary idea for the time in which each city-state is represented by a knight. No one knight has more power than another. Arthur creates a democratic society. It is said that the key to Arthur’s success is the sword Excalibur which he always takes into battle. Excalibur is said to make its owner invincible.

6 Guinevere After the battles with the Saxons, England finally experiences peace. During this time, Arthur decides to marry the lovely Guinevere. She does not see him before they are married. Arthur sends his most trusted knight Lancelot to fetch her. He marries her and they are happy for some time. Guinevere, upon seeing Lancelot, falls in love with him.

7 Mysteries and Evil Plots
Arthur unknowingly had a half-sister, Morgan le Fey. She believed that she was rightful ruler. In an attempts to steal the throne, she conceived a son with Arthur. Morgan was said to be a powerful sorcerer, though not as great as Merlin. Her son, Mordred, threatened Arthur’s marriage and his throne.

8 The Holy Grail Arthur and the land are one in a supernatural way. In the tales, he is often depicted as God’s chosen king so when he becomes ill, his land becomes ill as well. Only the Grail, a relic of Christianity, can save him and his country from starvation. Arthur’s knights go on a quest for the Holy Grail and after numerous years only a few survive the journey.

9 The Most Famous Affair in Literary History
Mordred discovers Guinevere and Lancelot’s affair (the two people that Arthur loves most) and convinces the rest of the Round Table to capture Lancelot in the act. Lancelot escapes but Guinevere is captured and is to be burned at the stake for her treachery against the king. She is rescued at the last minute by Lancelot and the two escape. Arthur does not follow them due to the problems of his kingdom. They are once again on the brink of war.

10 The Fall of Camelot Metaphorically, the country already had fallen with the betrayal of Arthur’s only love and his best friend There are many versions of the story. All of which end with Arthur’s death in battle and Excalibur returned to the Lady of the Lake. Arthur’s body is then taken to Avalon to rest until he is needed once more.

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