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Company LOGO Suncoast Combined Federal Campaign 2011 “Now More Than Ever”

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1 Company LOGO Suncoast Combined Federal Campaign 2011 “Now More Than Ever”

2 What Is The CFC? The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the only authorized solicitation of Federal employees in their workplaces by charitable organizations The CFC was signed into law by President Kennedy in 1961. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulates the CFC.

3 Our Objectives… 1. 2010 Campaign Results 2. 2011 Campaign Goals 3. Key Worker Training 4. Tote Bag contents 5. Q & A

4 Campaign Results 2010 Average Gift: $276.60 Total Dollars Pledged: $281,518,167 Participation: 24.7 % 74.9% Of Contributions Through Payroll Deduction Suncoast CFC Overhead: 10.4% Nationwide CFC

5 Campaign Results 2010 Average Gift: $225 Total Dollars Pledged: $2,068,698 Participation: 28.5 % 93% Of Contributions Through Payroll Deduction Suncoast CFC Overhead: 8.1% Suncoast CFC

6 2011 Campaign Goals WHAT IF…. 22,500 civilian employees x $2 x 26 pay periods = $1,170,000 12,500 military personnel x $4.5 x 12 months = $675,000 $1,845,000 100% ASK!!

7 2011 Campaign Goals 12 oz Latte – $2.40-$3.10 6 pack - $5.79 Large Soda - $2.10 - $2.30

8 How Do We Reach These Goals? Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Educate Yourself Know the Charities! Educate Co-Workers Value of CFC Rewards For Reaching Goals

9 Tote Bag Items Charity Guides Pledge Envelopes w/Pledge Forms Fundraising Ideas/Best Practices 2011 Business Solicitation Letter/Donor Receipt Form Authorized Speaker List Speaker Request Template/Pay Period Cheat Sheet Keyworker “DO” List/FAQs Award Level by PP/How Your $$ Help Office Poster Office Thermometer/Goal CFC Awards picture

10 Distribute Charity Guides/Pledge Forms Solicit contributions Collect lump sum payments Verify pledge cards Prepare Pledge Envelope - timely Key Worker Responsibilities include:

11 Keyworker Tips, Best Practices Select charities that interest co-workers. Have one-on-one, face-to-face meetings w/co-workers. Schedule Kick-Off with a speaker, follow up with each co- worker within one week, turn in a Pledge Envelope within two weeks Personally give each person their Pledge Form with their name already filled in 100% ASK – Have you completed your Pledge Form? Show co-workers the picture of the awards Double check the math on the pledge forms and the SSN/EID Advertise progress to co-workers by updating the thermometer each week and announcing the $$ donated Thank everyone who made a donation Take pictures of Kick-Off and fundraisers

12 How Can We Improve? 12 3

13 Ensure Pledge Forms are completed correctly, legibly, and timely. Minimum pay period payroll deduction is $1.50 for civilian personnel. Completing Pledge Forms!

14 NEXUS and EEX Both are on-line pledge programs –Easy –Decrease in paper forms –Maintains donor history –Easy import into CFC databases

15 Turn in your first pledge envelope within two (2) weeks of your kick-off. USPS accounts – send via registered mail to Maddie Ahrens All other accounts – contact your LE Pledge Envelopes

16 Fundraising Ideas Bake Sale Car Wash Cook-offs – chili, soup, etc Crock Pot Lunch – everyone brings in food, pays $5 for lunch Dessert Party Dunk Tank Garage Sale Ice Cream Socials Personal Services Auction – people donate services, co- workers bid on them ***Please use a separate pledge envelope when turning in money raised from a fundraiser***

17 Office Participation Goals Incentives: –If office reaches or exceeds goal Manager agrees to have pie in face by a randomly chosen donor Or Management crew agrees to serve breakfast to employees Or Management springs for a pizza party

18 Leadership Giving Levels 2011 TEXT EagleMugCoin $250 - $499$500 - $749$1000 or more Diamond $750-$999

19 Do Not Pressure! Employees have the right to decide to make a contribution A complaint can be filed if an employee feels pressure or coercion Don’t take it personal if a co-worker does not donate Coercion Restrictions: Any action, or appearance of action, that inhibits free choice of employees to contribute to CFC is prohibited. (see CFR code 950.108 and USPS policy governing the CFC).

20 Handling Objections & Questions You can expect at least some of the people you solicit to have objections or questions. After all, you are asking them for money. Here’s a simple system for handling them effectively. Keep these points in mind:

21 Handling Objections & Questions 1.It’s not personal – An objection is never directed at you personally – it’s directed at the idea you are representing. 2.Understand feelings – Put yourself in their place and try to understand what they are saying. Listen carefully and show your concern.

22 Handling Objections & Questions 3. Don’t argue – Never argue with an objection, you will only force the potential donor into defending their position and that becomes a NO WIN situation! 4. Relax and be yourself – Be yourself and straight forward before you attempt to respond to a question.

23 Don’t discuss employee contributions with anyone – no dollar amounts, justifications, or personal comments Don’t pressure anyone who refuses to participate after your best efforts to persuade. Reminders….

24 Don’t get discouraged; Government employees have a history of enormous support for the CFC program. #1#1 47 % Nationwide Reminders….

25 The Next Steps Schedule The Presentation Meetings One on One Meetings with Co-Workers Collect Pledge Forms Fill Out “Reporting Envelope” The Next Steps

26 ??? Q & A

27 For More Information Suncoast CFC Website: – Office of Personnel Management – CFC –

28 Thank You!!!

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