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Good Works Employee Giving Campaign – Pledge Site Instructions 2012.

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1 Good Works Employee Giving Campaign – Pledge Site Instructions 2012

2 Access the Good Works Pledge Site from Company Home Click on the Good Works Tile on company home to access the Campaign Pledge Site. 2

3 Log On Page U.S. employees click on this link to get to the campaign pledge site 3

4 Starting the Pledge Process Click here to renew your pledge from the previous campaign. Your pledge from the previous year’s campaign will be renewed in its entirety, including any match you are eligible to receive. If you would like to create a new pledge OR if you would like to add or delete organizations you give to from your previous pledge to the Good Works Campaign click here to create a new pledge. 4

5 Selecting a Giving Method Employees can choose from 3 methods of giving through the campaign: Recurring payroll deductions allow for a fixed amount to be deducted from each pay period during 2013 for the charities of the your choice One-time payroll deduction allows for a one time fixed deduction from the 1 st pay period in 2013 to be directed to the charities of your choice Give A Dollar A Pay allows employees to have $1 deducted from each of their paychecks during 2013. Employees do not have to select a charity and a match is automatically generated for eligible employees. All Give a Dollar Donations will be matched for eligible employees. Click proceed when selecting this method will finalize your campaign pledge for 2012. 5

6 Selecting Organizations for Pledges In this section you can choose to direct your pledge to any of our partner charities Employees can choose to give to: One or more of our partner charities overall. Select specific member charities of our federated partners to pledge to by clicking on the national or state buttons next to the charity’s name and selecting the member charities of your choice. You can pledge to as many charities of your choice in this section. This section allows you to search for and select any charity of your choice outside of our partners charities. You will need to: Enter the name of the charity you want to direct the pledge to. Enter the state and country where the charity is located. Search results will return a listing of charities. Select the correct charity. 6 NOTE: Employees can add as many charities of their choice as desired whether they are partner or non-partner charities.

7 Allocating Pledge Amounts In this section enter the total amount you would like deducted from your pay checks in 2013 for the charities of your choice. For one time payroll deductions, enter the total amount you would like to donate. Select whether you want to be recognized by their charities for their gifts and opt in to receive ongoing communication from their charity of choice. Allocate the portion of your total deduction to be given to each of the charities you selected. 7

8 Allocating The Match Questions? Please contact the Good Works team at Allocate the company match of your pledges. Eligible* employees can receive a match for their pledges up to a total of $1,000. You can choose to have all, some or none of their pledges matched up to the total matching limit. All matches will be paid in 2013 on a quarterly basis. * All employees with an annual based salary of $250,000 or less are eligible to have their pledges matched up to total of $1,000 during the campaign Click Save and Proceed to save and register your pledge. P ledges are not final until the campaign ends and can be changed by logging back on to the giving site at any time prior to the 12/7/2012. If you need to cancel your pledge during the 2013 calendar year contact AccessHR. 8

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