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This title is for centering.. Sponsor The official sponsor of [your opera]

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1 This title is for centering.


3 Sponsor The official sponsor of [your opera]

4 Please unwrap candies and turn off beepers and cell phones prior to the performance. Photography of any kind is prohibited.


6 No, there is no one that can carry out such a light-footed chassè.

7 Yes, it goes well there. Better yet, there; no, better here; it makes me stand out even more.

8 Before such art and beauty, every man will swoon!


10 Once upon a time there was a king, who became tired of living without a wife.

11 He searched, and found not one, but three suitable brides, all of which wanted to marry him!

12 What does he do? He scorns pomp and beauty, and in the end, he chooses innocence and goodness.

13 Cinderella, stop with that same old song!

14 Near the fire, in a corner, let me sing.

15 - Once upon a time there was a king… - And two kings, and three…

16 Will you stop, yes or no? If you don't keep quiet, I'll give you…

17 Once upon a time…

18 Who can it be?


20 A bit of charity...

21 Beggars! Out of here!

22 Quiet! Come, take this bit of breakfast. Hurry up, for pity's sake!

23 I can't stand his distress… what cruel fate!

24 - Perhaps Heaven will reward your kindness before nightfall. - No woman can awaken sweet passion in men like me!

25 - But what is this! Still there!? - Bread and coffee?!?

26 - Take this! This is for you! - Ah! Who will help me? - Stop it, for pity's sake!


28 Charming daughters of Don Magnifico, the prince Ramiro will soon come!

29 He will take you to his palace for singing and dancing; and the most beautiful of the women will become his wife!

30 - But where is the prince? - Coming soon!

31 - And the most beautiful? - Will be chosen!

32 Cinderella come here! - My shoes, my bonnet! - My feathers, my necklace!

33 - Cinderella come here, go there, go up, come down… - My brain's a glowing forge!

34 - This is real drudgery! They go to party, I stay here and sigh. - With a smile from me, Don Ramiro will fall! I want to win! - A forge hammers their crazy brains; but calamity is at hand!

35 Give them half a scudo. Thank you. We are at the Prince's orders.

36 You're still here? What a smell! Go away, or you'll be sorry!

37 I'd give you half a farthing, if I had it myself. I'd tear my heart in two to give it to an unfortunate man.

38 (Perhaps at the new day you shall be happy.)

39 Cinderella, quickly, get the ribbons and cloaks ready. Bring us the makeup, the pomades, the diamonds…

40 - Listen to me, my sisters… - What “sisters”! Don't profane us by using such a name!

41 - Woe to you if it ever leaves your mouth! - Always I must suffer new follies.

42 - There's no time to lose. - We must tell our father about this.

43 - I want to be the first to give him the news. - No, I want to tell him!

44 - This is my duty. - I will wake him. You follow me.

45 - You won't have the upper hand! - There he is himself!


47 My female offspring… I disown you! I am ashamed!

48 You came and interrupted my magnificent dream!

49 They're mortified! Worthy daughters of a Baron!

50 Come now, silence and pay attention. Stay to meditate about my dream.

51 I dreamt half hazily and half clearly about a most beautiful donkey.

52 A donkey, but… what a donkey! When suddenly, oh what wonder!

53 On his shoulders by the hundreds, he grew feathers… and into the air, he flew!

54 And atop a steeple he perched, as if on a throne. The bells were heard chiming below… ding, dong…

55 With your endless chatter suddenly you awoke me!

56 But here is my explanation of this tangled dream…

57 The joyfully pealing bell? This is merriment in my house!

58 The feathers are you… the flight? Farewell Plebeans!

59 Anyone can immediately tell that your father is the ass.

60 A most fertile queen one and the other shall become; and the grandfather a dozen grandchildren will hug!

61 A little king over here, a baby king over there, everyone saying “Your servant” – and the glory will be mine!


63 - You should know that very soon… - Prince Ramiro…

64 - He has come to live close by… - In three days will choose a bride…

65 - He has invited us… - And any moment… - He will come to get us… - And will choose the most beautiful…

66 Daughters, what are you saying! That Great Prince! Although I don't know him… he'll choose… invited you…

67 Bride… the fairest… I feel quite faint… He's come just in time to the rescue.

68 I feel this princely alliance in my bones, and in one word, my dream is history, and this donkey is flying!

69 Cinderella, quickly, bring me my coffee.

70 Fruits of my loins, half of my palace is already crumbling, and the other is in agony. Do your best!

71 Let us find ourselves someone to support us. Speak properly. Think about your dress: it's a matter of making you Princesses!


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