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This title is for centering.. Sponsor The official sponsor of [your opera]

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1 This title is for centering.


3 Sponsor The official sponsor of [your opera]

4 Please unwrap candies and turn off beepers and cell phones prior to the performance. Photography of any kind is prohibited.


6 Goodnight, my daughter… farewell, my dear. Is that balcony still open?


8 (Oh, anguish!)

9 - Your love says nothing to me? Why so sad? - Father… my Lord.

10 The pure air of the country brought peace to your heart…

11 You’ve given up that unworthy foreigner, leave the future to me.

12 Trust your father who loves you so much!

13 - So then, what is troubling you? Don’t cry. - (I feel so guilty!)

14 - I’ll leave you be. - My father!

15 Farewell, may Heaven bless you!


17 I feared he’d stay until tomorrow! Let’s reopen the balcony, get everything ready and go.

18 How could such a loving father be so against my wishes? No, I cannot make up my mind.

19 - What are you saying? - His words penetrated my heart like daggers…

20 If he had stayed any longer, I would have told him the truth…

21 Then tomorrow Don Alvaro would be lying in his own blood, or sent to Seville as a prisoner, to swing from the scaffold.

22 - Be silent. - And all because he loved someone who didn’t love him.

23 I, not love him? You know well if I love him, am I not abandoning homeland, family, and father for him?

24 So… I am so unfortunate!


26 I, a wondering orphan, far from my native home, an unyielding fate drives me to an alien shore…

27 This wretched girl is condemned to eternal weeping and her heart is filled with sadness and broken by remorse.

28 I leave you, weeping, my sweet homeland! Alas, such grief will have no end! Farewell!


30 - Help me, miss… we’ll be able to leave faster. - If he didn’t come? It’s late! Midnight has sounded!

31 No, he won’t come now!

32 What noise! A clatter of hooves!

33 - It’s he! - It was impossible to think he wouldn’t come! Don’t be afraid!


35 Forever, my beautiful angel, heaven unites us now! The universe rejoices in this embrace!

36 - What is troubling you? - It’s almost dawn!

37 For a long time, a thousand obstacles have prevented me from entering your home;

38 But nothing can resist the enchantment of our pure and holy love!

39 God himself transformed our fear into joy!

40 - Throw these clothes from the balcony. - Stop…

41 - No… follow me, leave your prison! - Heaven! I cannot decide!

42 Swift horses await us, and a priest waits at the altar.

43 Come, God will bless the love you shelter in your bosom!

44 And when the sun, god of the Indies and my royal lineage, fills the world with its splendor…

45 …he will find us as man and wife!

46 - The hour’s late! Wait a moment… - Come, quickly! Leonora!

47 - Tomorrow… I beg you, wait… - What are you saying? Tomorrow?!

48 Tomorrow we will go.

49 I wish to see my poor father once more; and you are truly happy? Yes, because you love me…

50 You won’t say no, for you know I love you so much! I am so happy! Heaven, I’m so happy!

51 My heart is swollen with joy! Let us stay… Yes, my Alvaro, I love you!

52 Your heart is swollen with joy… and you weep! Your hand is icy as a tomb! I understand everything, my lady!

53 I shall learn to suffer alone… God forbid you should follow me out of weakness…

54 I release you from your oaths. The marriage torches would be a sign of death for us.

55 If you do not love me like I love you… if you regret…

56 I am yours, with my heart and with my life!


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