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This title is for centering.. Sponsor The official sponsor of [your opera]

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1 This title is for centering.

2 Sponsor The official sponsor of [your opera]

3 Please unwrap candies and turn off cell phones at this time. Photography or recording of any kind is strictly prohibited.


5 Night and day I slave for that ingrate; I tolerate wind and rain, I eat and sleep badly!


7 I want to play the gentleman, and be the servant no longer!


9 Oh, what a dear gentleman!

10 You are inside glued to the lovely lady, while I play the sentinel!

11 I want to play the gentleman, and be the servant no longer!


13 But it seems people are coming… I don't want to be heard.


15 Hope not, unless you kill me, that I will ever let you escape.

16 Foolish woman, you scream in vain; Who I am, you'll never know!

17 What noise! Oh heaven! What screams! The master is in new troubles.

18 - People! Servants! At the traitor! - Be silent, and tremble at my fury!

19 - Scoundrel! - Rash woman!

20 I can see the rogue will make me do something reckless.

21 - I will pursue you relentlessly! - This furious woman wants me to do something rash!


23 Let her go, lowlife! Fight with me!

24 - Away! I'm not going to fight with you. - So that is how you wish to escape!

25 - (If only I could slip away!) - That is how you would flee? - Wretch!


27 Wretch! Stay, then, if you want to die!


29 - Help! I'm betrayed! The assassin wounded me… - He has fallen! - What a misdeed! What excess!

30 …from my breast, I feel my soul departing.

31 Inside my fearful breast, I feel my beating heart.

32 (From his throbbing breast I see his soul departing.)


34 - Leporello, where are you? - I'm here, unfortunately. And you? - I'm here.

35 - Who is dead? You or the old man? - What a stupid question. The old man!

36 Bravo! Two impressive enterprises! To violate the daughter and kill the father!

37 - He asked for it, he got it! - But Donna Anna, what did she ask for?

38 Be quiet, don't annoy me. Come with me, if you don't want something done to you as well!

39 I don't want anything, sir, I'll speak no more.

40 - My father is in danger… help him! - All of my blood I will spill if needed…

41 - …but where is the scoundrel? - Here somewhere.


43 What tragic spectacle is offered to my eyes!


45 Father, my father! My dear father!

46 The assassin killed him…


48 That blood… that wound… that face, tinged and covered by the colors of death.


50 He breathes no more! His limbs are cold!

51 My father! Dear father! Father beloved!

52 I am fainting! I am dying!

53 Friends, comfort my beloved.

54 Find me some smelling salts, some spirits! Don't delay! Donna Anna! My bride! My friend!

55 The extreme grief is killing the poor lady!

56 - She's coming to! Renew your help to her. - My father!

57 Hide that object of horror from her sight!

58 My beloved, console yourself, take heart!

59 Get away, cruel man! Let me die too!

60 Now that is he dead, the one that gave life to me!

61 Listen, my heart, look at me for only a moment.

62 Speaking to you is the dear lover, who lives only for you.

63 You are…forgive me, my beloved. My grief… the suffering… Where is my father?


65 Dear one, discard the bitter memory.

66 You have husband and father in me.


68 Swear to me that you will avenge my father's blood!

69 I swear it. I swear it by your eyes, I swear it by your love!


71 What an oath, oh gods! What a barbaric moment!

72 My heart flutters through hundreds of emotions!


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