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Talking story Joanne Franny Author: Joanne Chen voice actor : Joanne and Franny.

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1 Talking story Joanne Franny Author: Joanne Chen voice actor : Joanne and Franny


3 Once upon a time there’s a mermaid who live in the Sea. Her name is ARIEL. She has a lovely big family and a cool father- king trident. But Ariel, your father said don’t you ever touch that strange thing. Little flounder, I wanna go having some fun at that ship, are you coming?

4 Don’t worry, I won’t let my father know, and I will come back soon. I just want to take a look of it. Okay, okay, hope we won’t get any trouble.

5 Ariel and little flounder went in to that old ship and found many human stuffs….and a human statute. Look, how handsome he is! Oh, I am wondering when will my prince find me. But.. Ariel he is a human. The King always said they are very dangerous.

6 Meanwhile, Ariel heard some voice of fireworks and decided to look at it. On top, Ariel saw the things that she had never seen before. Human were having a Party at the ship. Everything was so beautiful. But all of the sudden… things went wrongly in the human’s world.

7 The storm came, make the ship sink! A prince fainted and nearly die. Ariel saw him and decided to rescue him. Don’t worry, I will take care of you.

8 Ariel took care of Eric for all night long. Forgot to went back her home. Little flounder And Sebastian were very worry about Ariel. Oh, my Goodness! What am I going to do if the king knew I did not take care of Ariel…. Ariel, don’t go any further to him, he is very dangerous.

9 Oh, why my Ariel just so into that human. I am not going to let her out of my sight. Sebastian, from now on Ariel is on your charge! What..!!! Ha Ha, seems poor trident need to worry about his daughter. I will make him feel awful, ha ha ha! King tident and bad Ursula knew that Ariel Is interested in the human.

10 Ariel saved prince Eric and pulled him up to the Shore. Waited him to wake up suddenly prince’s Dog and his butler came to find him. So Ariel hid herself behind the rock. When Eric woke up he couldn’t find the girl who save him. But he remembered her voice….. Oh, wish I can see that girl who had saved me, I need to thank her.

11 Ariel went back home and be grounded by her father. Ariel cannot forget Eric and feels like in love with him, so she beg the king to change her into a human. Of course trident refused and locked her inside her room. And there Ursula sent her worm fish to Ariel. Ariel, are you okay? Don’t be sad I brought the key here to save you. Really, oh, thank you flounder but even if I can go out, I am still a mermaid. Eric would never find me. Hey, young lady. I know someone who can help you. Come with me. She can turn you into a human.

12 Hello, young lady, welcome. Oh poor little thing, you must be very sad right? Do you want to see your prince Eric again? I can help you Really? But who are you? How are you going to help me? Oh, I am trident’s sister. So, I am your aunt but I have gone to travel for many years so you didn’t know me yet. I have the power to make you into a human. BUT, I have a little condition. I want your voice. And you need to Let him know who you are, or you will return into a mermaid within a week. My voice? But how can I make Eric remember me. How can I let him know I am that girl who have saved him? Never mind I am sure I will be better than now, at least I can go to find Eric. Okay, I will give you my voice. Then Ursula took Ariel’s voice and Turned her into the human. Sebastian can not stop Ariel so he quickly went back to tell Trident. OH~NO!!!

13 Near the castle, Eric found Ariel on the shore but he did not know she is that girl who saved him. Ariel couldn't speak for herself. But Eric still have a feeling of familiar of her. And he took Ariel back to his castle In the castle, Ariel try hard to make him understand, but because of her silence Eric can not recognize her. After 6 days past, nothing went better. And Ariel was afraid of leaving Eric.

14 It is the end of the week, when Eric was about to marry Ariel without knowing her real identity Ursula shows up and turned Ariel back into a mermaid. Eric was shock and Ariel was sad. Ursula took her back to her place and lock her into a cage. Ursula told trident If he want to save his little girl, he need to give out his trident. HA!~ fool young lady everything is too late. HA! HA! HA!

15 HA~HA~HA~ Now, I am the king of the sea ! You all need to obey me! HA!HA!HA!HA! No father, don’t! It is all my fault, I am so sorry. Ursula! I will give you my trident, but don’t you dare touch my little girl. I will kill you. Ursula took the trident and jailed Ariel’s father and her families.

16 Suddenly, Eric came to Save Ariel. He used his sword stab into Ursula’s heart and she became very tiny and powerless. He successfully in saving Ariel and her family. No, it is my bad. I should have recogni ze you earlier. I am so sorry. Eric, thank you! Go to hell Ursula ! Die! Oh! No….

17 Everything went back to normal again, in order to thank Eric, trident decided to let Ariel marry Eric. Also, she will be turn into a human. Thank you father! For everything.

18 Finally, Eric and Ariel get married and live happily ever after. I love you! Eric, I love you, too. The End

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