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Chapter 30: The War to End War 1917-1918. War by Act of Germany What did the Midwestern senators filibuster in relation to arming ships reflect? What.

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1 Chapter 30: The War to End War 1917-1918

2 War by Act of Germany What did the Midwestern senators filibuster in relation to arming ships reflect? What was the Zimmerman note and who did it involve? What overt acts happened in the Atlantic? What happened in Russia that allowed the US to fight fully for democracy? What were some rumors about why the US entered the war and what is the truth? Wilsonian Idealism Enthroned What precedent did the US entering the war break? How many people in congress voted against the war and why? How did Wilson get people on board with entering the war? What did Wilson truly believe? What was lost when the US adopted Wilson’s plan to enter the war?

3 Wilson’s Fourteen Potent Points What was the purpose of the Fourteen Points Address? Describe the first 5 points of the Fourteen Points. What was revolutionary about the Fourteen Points? Why was “self-determination” seductive to the allies? What was the capstone point and why was it significant? Who opposed the Fourteen Points? Creel Manipulates Minds What was the purpose of the Committee on Pubic Information? Who was George Creel? What kind of propaganda was used? How did Creel’s organization typify war mobilization? What were some issues with Creel’s success?

4 Enforcing Loyalty and Stifling Dissent How did German-Americans feel about the war and how were they treated by other Americans? Why were the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918 created and how were they used? Why were people jailed under both acts? What did the ruling Schenck v. United States (1919) state? What happened after the war? The Nation’s Factories Go to War Why wasn’t victory a foregone conclusion? What had Wilson done to prepare for war? What were some issues surrounding economic mobilization? What was the purpose of the War Industries Board and why did it fail?

5 Workers in Wartime What was the War Department’s slogan in relation to labor and what issue did this help solve? What concessions did laborers win during this time period? What demand did the government not support? What labor union supported the war? Who were the “Wobblies” and what did they do to impact the war effort? How much did wages increase during the war for loyal laborers? What were some issues that laborers still had during and after the war? What happened within the steel industry during the war? Some African-Americans began to move north as strike breakers, what were some consequences of move?

6 Suffering Until Suffrage What kind of work did women do during the war? What did the National Women’s party support? What did the National American Woman Suffrage Association support? How did Wilson feel about women’s work? What did the 19 th amendment say? How were gains women made during the war fleeting? What was the Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act of 1921? In what ways did women remain involved in politics? Forging a War Economy What did the war mobilization effort look like? Who was Herbert Hoover and how was he involved in the war? How did Hoover get the American people to be involved in the war effort? How did Congress get involved in the war effort? What was the 18 th amendment? How well did Hoover’s war effort work? What were Victory Loans and how much money did they make for the war effort? How was the remainder of the war paid for? How did some people sell war bonds? What did the government do to the railroads during the war and why?

7 Making Plowboys into Doughboys How did most Americans plan on supporting the war and how did this change in 1917? Why was conscription necessary? How did congress respond to Wilson’s conscription bill? What were the provisions of the draft bill? How did the draft end up working? Who joined the armed forces? How much training did most recruits receive? Fighting in France – Belatedly How did Russia withdrawing from the war impact the allies? What did Germans believe about the American army? Where did the American doughboys go to first and who were they deployed with? Why were Americans sent to Archangel and Siberia? How did the Bolsheviks feel about American intervention?

8 American Helps Hammer the “Hun” Why did the allied forces unite under Foch? What happened at Chateau-Theirry and why was it significant? What happened during the Second Battle of the Marne? Where did American troops go after they received their own commander? Describe the Meuse-Argonne offensive. Why was it fortunate that victory was in sight? The Fourteen Points Disarm Germany What did Wilson demand before he would negotiate? When did the war end? What did American contribute to the war effort and what ended up demoralizing the Germans? How did General Pershing and his troops rely more on the Allies?

9 Wilson Steps Down from Olympus At the end of the war how did Europe feel about Wilson? What happened during the Congressional election of 1918 and how did it impact Wilson? How did Republicans feel about Wilson going to Paris and why? Who was Henry Cabot Lodge and how did Wilson feel about him? An Idealist Battles the Imperialists in Paris Why did Wilson receive tumultuous welcomes from the masses? Who were the members of the Big Four? Why was speed urgent during the conference? What was Wilson’s first order of business during the conference and how was it “prewar colonialism, thinly disguised”? How did Wilson envision the League of Nation and what victory did he win in 1919?

10 Hammering Out the Treaty What did some Republican senators believe about the League of Nations? How did the Republicans proclaiming they would defeat the treaty impact Wilson and his standing in Europe? What did France want and how did they compromise? How did the US feel about the compromise with France? Why did Italy turn against Wilson? Describe the issue between Japan and China, the compromise they made, and how both sides felt about it. The Peace Treaty That Bred a New War Germans were excluded from negotiations, how did they fair in the Treaty of Versailles? Why did Wilson compromise away some of his Fourteen Points? What did Wilson hope the League of Nations could do? What was commendable about the treaty?

11 The Domestic Parade of Prejudice How did isolationists react to the Treaty of Versailles? How did Anti-Germans feel about the treaty? How did liberals feel about the treaty? How did hyphenated Americans feel about the treaty? How did Irish Americans feel about the treaty? Wilson’s Tour and Collapse (1919) Why did Wilson feel optimistic about the treaty? What did Lodge hope to do to the treaty? How did Lodge shape public opinion on the treaty? How did Wilson counter lodges tactics? How did the presidency affect Wilson’s health? The Midwest did not support Wilson’s message, why? How was his reception different in the West? What happened to Wilson after his last speech?

12 Defeat Through Deadlock Describe Lodge’s fourteen reservations to the Treaty of Versailles. What was Article X and why was it alarming? How did Wilson feel about Lodge’s reservations? What did Wilson ask democrats to do when the vote for the treaty with Lodge’s reservations came up? What happened to the treaty and how did the public respond? What did Wilson ask the democrats to do again, and why was this problematic? Who defeated the treaty? The “Solemn Referendum” of 1920 What was Wilson’s solution for the deadlock regarding the treaty? The Republican party was reunited, what was their platform for the 1920 election? Who did the Republicans nominate for president and vice president? Who did the Democrats nominate for president and vice president? How was the Democratic platform thwarted by Harding? What was significant about the election of 1920? How did the election impact the treaty and the League of Nations?

13 The Betrayal of Great Expectations Why was America’s spurning of the League short sighted? How was the collapse of the Treaty of Versailles in some ways America’s fault? What happened in France and Germany when the senate spurned the Security Treaty with France? Why should American have done things differently at the end of WWI?

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