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Chuck Barry (702) 589-3850.

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2 Chuck Barry (702) 589-3850

3 Goals of Security Operations  Protection and Safety of Customers  Protection and Safety of Employees  Protection of Assets

4 How are Goals Accomplished?  Physical Security  Surveillance Operations (Independent)  Investigations

5 Security Triangle Physical Security SurveillanceInvestigations

6 Security Operations are Key Departments in a Gaming Operation  Security protects customers, employees and assets  Surveillance is an independent part of security effort  In most gaming jurisdictions Surveillance is responsible to someone outside the gaming entity; Usually to someone in the Corporate Organization and/or Board of Directors.

7 Background of the Gaming Industry and Security Operations  Gaming industry is a heavily regulated industry.  There are Internal Controls (IC’s) for most of the Casino Operations: Internal Controls are written by a State Gaming Regulatory Body. Each gaming entity within a state also develops it’s own Internal Controls.  Examples of departments which require Operational IC’s : Audit Cage – Count Rooms Casino Operations Slot Operations Security Surveillance

8 Typical Gaming Corporation Organizational Chart

9 State Regulators Can Set Security Standards  Define Equipment First Aid Equipment, i.e. AED’s, wheel chairs Can Mandate Paramedics for operation  Define and Establish Standards for Camera Coverage ○ Back of House ○ Casino Floor ○ Hotel Coverage ○ Point of Sale Camera Coverage

10 State Regulators Can Set Security Standards  Define Records That Will Be Kept Daily Log Incident Reports  Define Video Recording Standards Gaming – 30 Images Per Second, 4cif Back of House & Security – 7.5 Images Per Second  Define Manpower For Security Operations  Arming of Security Officers

11 Physical Security  First Part of Security Triangle  Customer Service Friendly and helpful to customers Uniforms vary from property to property  Knowledge of State Law’s/Gaming Reg’s Laws of Arrest Detention Search/Seizure Use of Force Trespass/ Eviction  Maritime Security (Marsec) Levels Normal (Level 1) High (Level 2) Severe (Level 3)

12 Physical Security  Children’s Safety Unattended/Lost Minors  Emergency Procedures Medical Emergencies Alarms (Robbery, Distress) Evacuation Procedures ○ Disasters (Natural and Manmade) ○ Active Shooter

13 Physical Security  Dispatch Officer Monitors and dispatches officers to calls via two way radio system Monitors security CCTV system Signs in vendors and visitors

14 Physical Security  Posted Security Positions Cage area Main entry doors Employee entrance Hotel Elevator Banks ○ Check for room card key Entrances to Riverboat Casino’s ○ Underage Patrons ○ Excluded Patrons

15 Physical Security  Casino Patrols Looking for criminal activity ○ Purse snatchers; Rail birds: casino cheats ○ Underage or intoxicated patrons Fills and Credits ○ Money to and from gaming tables Table Drops and Slot Drops ○ Movement of boxes to count room Money movement within casino Assistance to guests

16 Physical Security  Hotel Patrols Looking for non guests Open doors Fire and safety hazards – write reports Assistance to guests  Garage and Grounds Patrols Illegal activity Parking and safety hazards Illegally parked or abandoned vehicles Lighting

17 Surveillance  Second Part of Security Triangle  Separate, independent department for casino operations  In smaller properties the recording of all cameras is handled by the surveillance department, but the monitoring of security cameras is done by security personnel  In large properties security has its own camera system

18 How is Surveillance Utilized?  Reactive Security Cameras – All are Recorded, But Not Monitored ○ Parking Garages and Parking Lots ○ Hotel Stairs ○ Hotel Elevator Lobbies ○ Restaurant Points of Sale ○ Back House Exits ○ Bars / Lounges ○ Valet Parking

19 How is Surveillance Utilized?  Pro Active Casino Camera’s – Recorded and Monitored 24/7 ○ Cage ○ Count Rooms ○ Slot Machines ○ Table Games ○ All Entry / Exits to Casino

20 How is Surveillance Utilized?  Security can have their own monitors to watch activity  Video is looped through the Casino Surveillance System  Security camera outputs are segregated to Security, they cannot view Casino cameras.  Casino Surveillance records all activities

21 Security CCTV System  Exterior Cameras (Perimeter) Parking Lots ○ PTZ and/or Fixed ○ Lighting Parking Garages ○ PTZ and Fixed ○ Lighting ○ Guest Elevator Cabs ○ Elevator Lobbies ○ Each Driveway Entrance ○ License Plate Camera ○ Stairs

22 Exterior Camera’s  Main Building (Casino)  Exterior Camera’s – PTZ and Fixed  Monitor No Parking Zones Vehicular Bomb Threat  Entrances/Exits (Inside/Outside)  Emergency Exits Only (Motion, Fixed)  Walkways (Fixed, PTZ)

23 Hotel Exterior Camera’s  Entrances / Exits  Loading Docks  Building Perimeter No Parking Zones  Parking Lots  Parking Garages Elevator Cabs Guest Elevator Lobby Area Stairwells – Ground Level

24 Hotel Interior Camera’s  Emergency Exits  Emergency Tower Stairwell Exits  Elevator Cabs Guest Employee  Guest Elevator Lobbies Public Access  All Guest Floors (If Budget Allows)

25 Hotel Interior Camera’s  Front Desk General Area Cashier Positions  Valet Luggage Room  Security Holding / Interview Room Audio Microphone  Employee Banks

26 Casino Interior Camera’s  Lobby and Gathering Locations  Chase Cameras Follow People  Employee Entrance/Exit  Restaurant/Bar POS  Arcades

27 Investigations  Third part of security triangle  Corporate Compliance Policy  Compliance Investigations Employee background investigations; all employees Vendor investigations  Internal Investigations Violations of company policy; federal law; state law and local law

28 Security Triangle  Physical Security  Surveillance Operations  Investigations


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