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Facilities Management and Design Chapter 4 Safety and Security systems.

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1 Facilities Management and Design Chapter 4 Safety and Security systems

2 Occupational injury reduction Safety programs; risk management Safety committee; top management support Elements of safety programs – pre-employment physical exams – written policies on safety – employee input – safety inspections – accident reduction goals – department-level accountability for accident reduction – modified-duty programs – safety awareness – training, and retraining

3 Building design and maintenance and safety Properly maintained and adequately lit walkways, stairs, parking lots Slip-resistant flooring materials Tempered glass doors, decals and/or bars on glass doors Furniture, fixture, equipment – inspections for loose/frayed/worn parts

4 Safety concerns and the guest bath Hot water temperatures – mixing valves slip resistance of bathtubs, showers, floor coverings electrical shock proper bathroom construction

5 Fire triangle Fuel Fuel Heat Heat Oxygen Oxygen

6 Elements of fire safety Prevention Detection Notification Suppression

7 Concern over fire safety is growing Publications stating existence of sprinklers/smoke detectors Corporate travelers, federal employees look for fire protection Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act Major hotel companies have improved fire safety

8 Critical elements of fire prevention, detection, and notification Fire prevention and maintenance links – cleaning of dryer ducts – removal of lint from filters and linen chutes. Housekeeping practices in kitchen – regular cleaning of duct work – hood cleaning – prompt repair of equipment. Secure trash storage and disposal areas from arsonists. Renovation – material choices – storage of new materials – equipment dangers. Building alarms/horns. Smoke detectorslocal notification devices.

9 Components of fire suppression, and control devices and systems Sprinkler systems, standpipes and hose systems, portable fire extinguishers, fire pumps, emergency generators, and hoses Fire extinguisher types and ratings Kitchen systems Fire dampers, smoke dampers, smoke sensors, stairwell pressurization Smoke and fires stops

10 Elements evacuation plans Designate staff to supervise movement of guests out of building Designate areas of assembly safely away from structure Preparation of guest lists and room numbers Designation of staff to accommodate special-needs guests Designation of staff to meet fire department and provide assistance Instruction for securing cash and valuables Emergency instructions and floor plansposted on door, exit locations Voice alarm systemswarning alarm, pre-recorded message, strobe lights for hearing-impaired Exit signs and lightskeep illuminated and clear of obstruction, installed, operational Dead endsclearly marked NOT AN EXIT

11 Facilities design and management & security efforts Design to inhibit forced entry Supervised entrances and exits Adequate lighting throughout facility Equip rooms with phones Self-closing guestroom doors with automatic locking Deadbolt locks, viewports, security chains on doors Locking guestroom windows and sliding glass doors; limited-opening windows Procedures and regulations for safe deposit boxes Employee safety and security training

12 Key control and guestroom locking systems Rationale, records, retrieval, rotation, replacement Electronic locks

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