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Seven Bar Safe School Presentation Jan. 15, 2013.

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1 Seven Bar Safe School Presentation Jan. 15, 2013

2 Current Policies and Procedures Safe School Response Plan – Emergency plan kept in office with specific directions and drills for emergencies. – Drills– practice for evacuation, fires, lock downs and shelter in place. – APS Police check in on site frequently. – APS Police presence at Cibola if needed. – APD and Fire Dept stationed less than a mile away.

3 Current Policies and Procedures Visitor Check-In and Check- Out Procedures – Badges – Cards and emergency contacts– person must be on cards – Office personnel knowing parents (assessing situations) – Sign in and sign out system for volunteers strictly enforced – Sign in and sign out system for children strictly enforced – Background checks required for volunteers

4 Current Policies and Procedures Campus Security – Locking doors and gates daily– access points – Walking around daily – Radios – Video surveillance (parking lots, playground, interior) – Monthly drills – Locations for parent pick-up – Limited access to classrooms and playground – Parent background checks

5 Current Policies and Procedures Safety Team Required by NM Public Education Department Safe School Plan reviewed and updated annually by the team. Safety team meets monthly to look at situations, review data from drills, and make recommendations.

6 Recent Suggestions and Ideas from Staff K gate reset the bars or add the bars at the top of gate to make access from out side harder. Covering the inside windows during drills? Leave door locked all day – especially in the portablespasswords. Cell phone tree and texting in emergencycarry at all times. Post signs that indicate video surveillance Add more duties. Look at duty schedule. Watchdog group? Lock down drills more frequentlyat recess and lunch times. More practices with evacuation drills. Buttons or alarm like in banks to call police if emergency. Ask police? Gates shut in front of staff parking. Raise wall in kindergarten playground area. Add fence and gate at front of school Extend fence around north and east side of school. Training from APS --Refresher course for lockdowns– APS Police. Raise gate level Gate and fence go here Keep gate closed Raise wall

7 Its Your Turn! Wed like to hear ideas from you to keep our children safe while at school. -Parent Group to patrol campus. -Have teachers check ID prior to entering the classroom -Place Signs about video cameras on campus -Back of portable – have duties patrol that area more frequently -Have bright colored badges for volunteers -Locking doors in portables throughout the day -Post the school phone number/principals # for easier contact -Better security at the front entrance -Hold bi-monthly parent / safety meetings -Danger during drop-off in the church parking lot -APD parents? Park APD car in school lot randomly.

8 Question and Answers Any questions we can answer for you? Does APS Police maintain a presence on our campus. What should volunteers do in case of an emergency on campus?

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