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The innovative Voice Logging solution for smaller capacity requirements.

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1 The innovative Voice Logging solution for smaller capacity requirements.

2 4-16 Channel Digital Voice Logger VLR Communications 2290 N Charter Point Drive Arlington Heights, IL 60004 (800) 369-8273

3 An essential verification tool that maintains an accurate record, in database, of thousands of hours of telephone calls

4 Providing security for recording, storage and playback of recordings when financial information, personal, contractual or legal information, emergency services, call centre services and conference calls are conducted by telephone or radio

5 Safe - Secure - Simple Recording and Database Storage of All Phone or Radio Calls Designed for small capacity recording Easy-to-Use - Office Product Compact, self-contained, quick install Includes ‘Remote Recall’ for PC

6 Multiple Audio Inputs 2-wire Analogue 4 – 16 Input Channels Playback Locally Playback on Remote PC Transfer Voice Files to PC via CD Call Accounting on PC Export files via Email Total Recall Features

7 Storage Stores over 1600 hours of conversations. Archive 650Mbyte CD-R (Writeable CD) Used to archive/backup calls. Storage + Archive

8 Load Remote Recall S/W on PC Supports Win 95/98/NT4.0 Transfer calls to PC via the CD Replay calls on PC Export calls (wave files) via Email Import Call Data for Call Accounting on PC Remote Recall PC Software

9 Banking and Finance Financial Advisor, Stockbroker, Branch Office Emergency Services Police, Fire, Ambulance, Civil Defence Utility Services Power Stations, Water Supply, Gas Works Transportation Railways, Fleet Monitoring, Air Traffic Control Broadcasting Media Monitoring, TV & Radio Services Medical Services Doctors, Medical Centres, Hospitals Web Based Services Video Conferencing, Conference Calls Call Centres Help Desk, Service Desk, Telesales Agents Applications

10 Logging Menu - Used to List and Monitor Current Calls Playback Menu - Used to Search, Locate and Playback Calls Archive Menu - Used to Select and Archive Calls to CD-R Configuration Menu - Used for System & Channel Settings 4 Selectable User Menus

11 Records all audio signals 4, 8, 12, 16 channel configurations 2-wire analogue interface External D/A conversion for digital applications Captures CLI incoming phone numbers In excess of 1200 hours storage on line Archives to internal CD-R LCD Screen for monitoring channel activity Selective ‘call tagging’ for Archive Technical Information

12 Live Monitoring - Real time Search by date, time phone number and channel number Replay to internal, external speakers or headphones Recording trigger is channel selectable by Off-Hook or VOX Channel Selectable ‘Beep Tone’ Option Password Security Technical Information

13 Indication of call direction ( ) Serial Interface to PC to export Call Accounting Data (Flat Text Data File) Replay on remote PC with Win 95/98/NT Client Software (inclusive) WAV compatible recordings with text file headers Ability to email Voice (.wav) Files Telecom approved Technical Information

14 Connectivity / Interface

15 Low Cost - Digital Audio Logger Small Channel Capacity Applications Designed for Professional, Small Office Easy-to-Use, Compact & Self Contained Over 1200 Hours of Recordings On-Line Back-Up to CD-R for Archive Configuration Settings are Channel Selectable Interface to PC for Call Management Ability to email (.wav) Voice Files Total Recall Summary

16 Do You Have.. Total Recall !

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