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TandD RTR-500 Series Family of Wireless Data Loggers Multiple Data Collection Options Suite of Software Tools.

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1 TandD RTR-500 Series Family of Wireless Data Loggers Multiple Data Collection Options Suite of Software Tools

2 Wireless Data Retrieval Automatic Downloading Real-time Monitoring Multiple Data Types Variety of Sensors Battery Powered A/C Power Option Water Resistant LCD Display

3 New in the 500 Series More Data Collection Options More Data Logger Types 50% Greater Transmission Range Double the Battery Life Half the Download Time T&D’s Free Web Storage Service

4 RTR-500 Wireless Loggers

5 RTR-500 Data Recorder Family

6 500 ft. LOS Range 1 Year Battery Life –> 4 Years w/ Large Battery Water Resistant –IP-64 / 67 Rated LCD Displays –Recording Indication –Battery Low Warning –°F / °C User Programmable A/C Adapter Option Store 16,000 Data Samples Sample 1 / Second to 1 / Hour

7 Multi-Sensor Support Voltage & Current –Pressure Transducers –Gas Sensors –High Voltage Transducers –Current Clamps Pulses –Flow Meters –Rain Gauges

8 RTR-500 Series Data Collectors Five Different Ways to Gather Data

9 RTR-500DC Handheld Wireless Data Shuttle Walk-By Data Collection Mobile / Field Applications Backlit Graphical Display Upload to PC via USB Search Mode for Loggers Real Time Monitor Mode

10 Start / Stop Recording Set Recording Parameters Selective Data Download G/NG Judgment Easy Menus Convenient Thumbwheel 2 x AA Batteries

11 RTR-500 Base Station USB Connected Powered from USB Port PC Driven –Dedicated Client Software Up to 640 Loggers Possible Software Selectable Repeater Mode

12 Auto Download –By Time of Day –By Interval Save to Disk –Upload to Server –Email Real Time Monitoring Warning Notifications –Email –Cell Phones

13 Repeater Mode Extends Range Software Selectable Daisy Chain n Times Battery or A/C Power Set Up Support –Signal Strength Test –Drag & Drop Config.

14 RTR-500NW / AW Network Connected Wireless Data Collectors

15 Wireless Data Collectors Use With Any RTR-500 Series Data Logger Up to 100 Loggers per Collector Any Combination of Loggers Compatible w/ RTR-500 Repeater

16 LAN Connected RTR-500NW for Wired Ethernet RTR-500AW for 802.11g Wi-Fi Multiple Units Allowed (DHCP) Mix Wired and Wireless

17 Independent Operation Operates Without PC Auto Download –Fixed Time of Day –Set Interval “Pushes” Data –Upload to Server –Email Realtime Monitoring –Upload / Email Readings

18 Programmable Warnings Set Upper and Lower Limits –Separate Settings for Each Logger Directly Sends Warning E-Mails –Without PC –Up to 5 Addresses –Text Messages to Cell Phones Contact Closure for External Devices

19 Manage From Remote Location Over a LAN or the Internet Manage Logger Settings –Start and Stop Recording –Change Recording & Warning Parameters Configure Repeater Routing Change Email / FTP Settings Reconfigure Base Unit Settings –Monitoring, Warnings & Downloading

20 RTR-500GSM Communicates Over GSM Cellular System Uses Voice Account SIM –Does Not Use Voice Minutes –Requires Web / Email Plan Use w/ Any RTR-500 Series Data Logger Compatible w/ RTR-500 Repeater

21 RTR-500GSM Communications “Pushes” Data via FTP or Email Logged Data or Current Readings Warning Monitoring & Notifications Remote Command via SMS –On, Off, Send Data

22 Additional RTR-500GSM Features Register up to 20 Loggers –Up to 4 Different Groups External GPS Option –Paste Directly to Google Maps Battery or A/C Powered External DC Power Jack Contact Closure on Alarm Notification by External Input

23 TandD’s Wireless Technology 900 MHz ISM Band –FCC Approved –Unlicensed Operation Superior Performance to 2.4GHz –i.e. Wi-Fi or Zigbee Systems –Better Through-Wall Transmission –Fewer Interfering Devices Proprietary Protocol –Improved Battery Life

24 Registration Process Photo-Optical Connection –Provides Physical Security Configure Logical Groups –Organize Into Trees Register Loggers –Assign Logical Names Register Repeaters –Assign Comm. Routes Set Frequency Channel

25 Adjustment Function Use Adjustment Software y = mx + b Function 1 Point or 2 Point Correction Displays & Logs the Adjusted Value User Calibration Possible

26 Free Software from TandD Software Included –Settings Utilities –RTR-500 Windows Clients –Graphing & Viewer Tools –Logger Adjustment Tool Downloadable Software –Dewpoint Calculator –MKT Calculation Tool Shipped w/ Data Collector

27 Logger Data Uploads Files Uploaded via FTP –XML File Format Existing In-House ftp Server Free FTP Server Software for PC –Filezilla, Xlight, WAR FTP –PC Fixed IP Address, Always On NAS Storage Device –Linksys, D-link WebStorage Service

28 T&D Web Storage Service FTP File Storage –Logger Downloads –Current Readings Downloadable to PC Readings Viewer –Share Data w/ Users Protected Access –User ID + Password Free to Customers!

29 T&D’s Graph Tool View Downloaded Data Display up to 8 Channels Simultaneously Complete Control of Color, Scale, Order, etc.

30 Annotate Graph with Comments Manage & Archive Data Files Data List Display Print in Both Graphical & Tabular Format Export to Other Applications –CSV

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