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PC Client Training Customer Name © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 1.

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1 PC Client Training Customer Name © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 1

2 Agenda Introduction to PC Client PC Client Outlook Toolbar Personal Agent Routes Demonstration Questions © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 2

3 Multimedia PC Client Introduction The Multimedia PC Client is a stand alone program that allows you to: Click-to-call using your PC Instant Message other employees Search the Global Address Book Track Incoming and Outgoing calls Add employees as Friends and track their presence (status) Share files Have group chat rooms Make calls using your computer and a headset away from the office Access Routes & Personal Agent © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 3

4 Multimedia PC Client Outlook Integration PC Client comes with a Outlook Toolbar that integrates seamlessly with your email and contacts acting like a remote control to PC Client. The toolbar allows you to do the following: Change your Presence (status) Call a phone number by entering it into the session box or pasting it from an email or web page Click-to-call a contact who emailed you Click-to-call straight from your outlook contacts Instant Message internal employees who are contacts in Outlook and Friends in PC Client © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 4

5 Using the PC Client to manage IP Phone When in the office, the PC Client is linked to your IP Phone allowing you to: –Establish connection to your IP Phone –Place calls to anyone –The PC controls the collaboration and video components, including: File sharing Video conferencing © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 5 +

6 Using PC Client as Your Primary Phone In Standalone Mode, call control can take place from your PC. –Typically used when traveling, have the ability to make and receive calls, send instant messages, (show “presence” as if you were in the office). –PC microphone/speaker or USB headset used to communicate. © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 6

7 Using the Personal Agent Web Portal The Personal Agent is a feature-rich, online user interface for the IP telephony solution. –Through the Personal Agent, you have access to: Routes: Define how to screen and route incoming calls Preferences: Manage your account and personal information Directory: Create, view, and manage personal and global address books Call Logs: View and make calls from your inbox and outbox Click to Call: Call any phone number from any phone Help: Access to online help –This browser-based format allows you to manage your preferences from any location with no software download. © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 7

8 Accessing Personal Agent Web Portal © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 8 OR from any browser go to: Enter Username and Password, Click Login Username: Password: [Phone Extension]99

9 Demonstration © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 9

10 Questions? 10 © 2010 CYPRESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC.

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