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Introduction Total Recall – The Innovative and Professional Choice in Communications Recording V4.36 1.

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2 Introduction Total Recall – The Innovative and Professional Choice in Communications Recording V4.36 1

3 Benefits of Total Recall Total Recall is Fully Self Contained Total Recall, Network Connectivity and Management Software is provided Free of Charge Intelligent Call Database fields make finding the exact call you want easy – no wasted time searching through individual calls Remote Manager provides easy integration, control and management of one or multiple units Multi-Level Security on Total Recall and Remote Manager ensures that access is restricted in accordance with your data security policies Configurable channel access safeguards the privacy of selected channels if required Data Protection, Ease of Use and Broad Connectivity Should Not Be Optional! 2

4 Models – Desktop Compact & Stylish Desktop Model Professional and Intuitive Style and Layout 4 to 16 Channels per Unit Compact and Fully Featured 3

5 Models – 19” Rack Mount Robust and Convenient 19” Rack Mount Chassis Pivoting Control Panel for Installation at any Height Standard EIA 19” Rack Configuration Optional Hot-Swap Power Supply 4 to 32 Channels Per Unit 4

6 Remote Manager PC Client Software Remote Manager – Extending the Functionality and Value of Your Total Recall Solution Included as part of your Total Recall solution. Remote Manager gives users configurable access to Total Recall via their PC, and provides centralised management of multiple Total Recall machines. Connecting via your current LAN/WAN/VPN or Dialup. Remote Manager delivers additional security, functionality and value for your recording application. 5

7 Remote Manager Features Remote Manager – Features that Enhance Your Experience Monitor calls live, or search and replay recordings with ease. Monitor, search and configure multiple Total Recalls in multiple locations – Across the room or across the world! Add notes to calls, providing additional functionality and security for your application. Selectable channel access extends the benefits of Total Recall to everyone in your business, while maintaining accordance with your data security policies. 6

8 Remote Manager Accessibility Multi Level Access Ensures Your Data Security User Level access allows for channel configurable monitoring, search and playback only. Intended for most users. Administrator Level gives full access to Total Recall, including unit configuration. Intended for technical administrators. Optional Record on Demand (DTMF or software) gives users additional configurable control over what is recorded on their line, extending the security and functionality of your Total Recall solution. 7

9 Inputs & Outputs Broad Range of Recording Applications and Playback Options Two-Wire Analogue Input – Any Audio Signal! Local Playback via Internal Speaker, Headphone or External Speaker outputs Playback on Remote PC with Remote Manager – Via crossover cable (supplied), LAN/WAN/VPN or Dialup connection Call Accounting on PC Export Files via Email Transfer Calls on CD/DVD with built in DVD-RW Drive 8

10 Networking Benefits Scalable Solutions That Utilise Your Current Infrastructure One or Many Total Recalls can be Administered from One Remote Manager Screen. Multiple Units, Users and Locations can be centrally managed. Direct PC - Total Recall Link via Crossover Cable 9

11 Dialup Benefits Dialup Connectivity For Global Access and Management Expands the functionality and control of your Total Recall solution. Connect using a telephone line and standard 56k USB Modem (not included). Worldwide access and configuration using Remote Manager. “Cascade” connection give access to two units via one modem with the supplied crossover cable, or connect to a TCP/IP network for access to three or more units with one modem. 10

12 Applications Examples of Industries Already Benefiting from Total Recall Include : Banking and Finance (Financial Advisors, Stockbrokers, Branch Offices) Emergency Services (Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Military) Utility Services (Power Stations, Water Supply, Gas Works) Transportation (Railways, Air Traffic Control, Fleet Monitoring) Broadcasting (Media Monitoring, TV and Radio) Medical Services (Health Clinics, Doctors Offices, Hospitals) Call Centres (Help Desks, Service Desks, Telesales Agents) Others (Government Departments, Intercom Recordings Etc) 11

13 Total Recall Features – 1 Professional Recording, with Intuitive GUIs for Users 12   Records all audio signals via 2-Wire analogue input   4-16 Channels Per Desktop Machine   4-32 Channels Per Rack-Mount Machine   In excess of 10,000 Hours on-board storage   Captures DTMF/CLI Information (where available)   Colour TFT LCD Screen for unit monitoring and management   Archive to internal DVD-RW Drive   Selectable Language Options

14 Total Recall Features – 2 Technical Capabilities that add Security and Value F Live Monitoring – Real time from the Total Recall unit or remotely via your network with Remote Manager. F Intelligent database – rapid search via time, date, phone number, channel number, tag or user notes. F Recording trigger is channel selectable by VOX or Off-Hook to suit your application. F Channel selectable “beep tones” configurable where required Multi-Level Password security. 13

15 Total Recall Features – 3 Benefits for your organisation F LAN/WAN/VPN/Dialup interface between Total Recall and multiple PCs. F Live Monitor, Search, Replay and Configure Total Recall from any Windows based PC. F Ability to email MP3 or Wav recordings, with text file headers. F Configurable Record on Demand extends privacy and security to selected channels or users – DTMF or Software Controlled. 14

16 Do You Have Total Recall? In an increasingly security conscious, results driven and litigious world, communications recording and logging is paramount to meeting your legal, duty of care and controlling requirements. Total Recall offers your business a professional, highly automated and broadly adaptable solution. Delivering security and training benefits to every level of your business, with surprising cost efficiency per channel. But then, how can you put a price on your security? 15

17 Contacts Web - Email - 16

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