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Athens vs. Sparta (part 1) Chapter 4, Sect. 2 (pg. 124-131)

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1 Athens vs. Sparta (part 1) Chapter 4, Sect. 2 (pg. 124-131)

2  Life in the city-states became difficult.  Small farm owners were unhappy being under the rule of Nobles  Farmers were in massive debt to their Noble.  But they had no power or say in government.  Soon Tyrants came into power. Tyranny in City-States!

3  Tyrant: ruler who takes power by force and rules with harsh, oppressive authority.  Tyrants became popular by building markets, temples, and walls.  But Greeks did not want to be ruled by one person. Tyrants in the City-States

4  By 500 bc, Tyrants were no longer popular  Most of Greece became either:  An Oligarchy: Where a few ppl hold power  A Democracy: All citizens share in running the gov. Fall of the Tyrants

5  Spartans focused on Military Skills to control the people they conquered.  Helots: Sparta’s captive workers  Spartans thought helots might rebel someday  So they trained their men and boys for war. Sparta

6  Age 7: Boys left homes to live in barracks.  Treated harshly to make them tough.  Age 20: Spartan Men entered the regular army  Lived and ate with other soldiers.  Black Broth: Meal of pork boiled in animal blood  Age 30: Men went home to live but stayed in army  Never Surrender- Win or Die! Sparta’s Men

7  Girls trained in Sports  Running, Wrestling, Javelin Throw  Stayed fit to become healthy mothers  Wives lived at home while Men lived in barracks.  Result: Spartan Women freer than others, could own property, and go where they wanted to. Sparta’s Girls

8  An Oligarchy: Where a few people hold power.  Two kings headed a council of elders: 28 citizens over the age of 60.  All Spartan men over 30 were part of the Assembly.  Assembly voted on the council’s laws & voted on Ephors: Men who enforced laws and managed tax collection. Sparta’s Government

9  Government discouraged foreign visitors, and travel abroad for any reason other than military  Did this to keep people from questioning the Spartan way of life.  Spartans kept control for 250 years, but fell behind other Greeks in trade.  Their focus on Military kept them from science and other subjects. Spartan Government

10  1) Answer #3 on pg. 130 of the section 2 review.  2) Write an Elephant Paragraph on the lifestyle of Spartan Men.  Remember to use the Elephant Paragraph format:  - Introduction sentence  - Supporting information sentence  - Outside information sentence  - Concluding sentence Assignment

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