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VALUING DIVERSITY “To keep the Golden Rule we must put ourselves in other people’s places. If we had the imagination to do that... fewer bitter judgments.

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1 VALUING DIVERSITY “To keep the Golden Rule we must put ourselves in other people’s places. If we had the imagination to do that... fewer bitter judgments would pass our lips, fewer racial, national, and class prejudices would stain our lives.” ---Harry Emerson Fosdick Introduction to Workplace Diversity

2 Our Changing Workforce The generation gap continues to widen More women are in the workforce Persons with disabilities are being better accommodated More diverse ethnic groups are being absorbed and accepted

3 Defining Culture & Diversity Culture the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes and religion by a group of people Diversity the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.; variety

4 Workplace Diversity Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between people in an organization. That sounds simple, but diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, background and more.

5 Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Cultural diversity in the workplace provides strength. It also challenges individuals to respond to their diverse work environment effectively. “Valuing” individual and group cultural differences is critical to achieving the organizational goals. Executives on Diversity

6 Quiz 1. Name two (of four) changes in the workforce. a. b. 2. What is workplace diversity? 3. What does cultural diversity provide in the workplace? Chapter 146

7 Cultural Awareness Know your own cultural background. Recognize your own stereotypes and biases. Gain knowledge of cultural history and heritage. Be aware of other’s perceptions. Recognize effects of -ism on the others.

8 Quiz 4. Name two ways that you can be culturally aware. a. b. Chapter 148

9 Widen Your Perspective Attend ethnic cultural events Patronize ethnic business places Socialize with people of different cultures Participate in diversity training activities Help with fund-raising for special groups

10 Quiz 5. What are two ways you can widen your cultural perspective? a. b.

11 Respect Cultural Differences Study other cultures--books, television, movies--check the library and Internet Make friends with people with different cultural backgrounds Observe interactions of people from other cultures--gestures, expressions, actions Notice different customs of people from other cultures

12 Respect Cultural Differences 6. Name at least three ways to show that you respect cultural differences. a. b. c.

13 Manage Language Barriers Avoid Making Incorrect Assumptions Study the language Use an interpreter Make opportunities to speak the language to sharpen your skills

14 Help Others Make Cultural Adjustments Keep yourself well-informed Become aware of and concerned about problems and issues that create disunity Explain your own culture to those of another culture Offer guidance, help, and empathy--help them understand and fit in Take a stand on issues that promote respect and appreciation for diversity

15 7. Why do YOU think it would be important to help others make cultural adjustments? Chapter 1415

16 Recognize And Understand Discrimination STEREOTYPING--occurs whenever you think of all members of a group as having the same characteristics, rather than viewing them as unique individuals PREJUDICE--means to unfairly prejudge or form an opinion based on a group stereotype, without considering what the individual is really like

17 Quiz 8. What is stereotyping? 9. What is prejudice? Chapter 1417

18 Take Positive Action Speak up and challenge those who make negative comments based on prejudice Show disapproval or walk away when someone tells an ethnic or racial joke Bring up the subject of discrimination--share your ideas and views Avoid minority group labels. Use preferred terms Resist and expose prejudice

19 Quiz 10. What is “positive action”? Chapter 1419

20 The Law Does Not Allow Discrimination On The Basis Of... Race Color Ethnic background Religious affiliation or practice Gender Family status Age “Unacceptable character”

21 Quiz 11. The law does NOT allow discrimination on the basis of…. a.e. b.f. Family status c.g. d. Religioush. “Unacceptable affiliation or practice character” Chapter 1421

22 To Protect The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities... The job may be restructured Special equipment may be acquired Facilities must be made accessible The employer may not specifically ask if the person is disabled No special treatment or special requirements are allowed The employer is not required to hire someone who is not competent to do the job

23 To Protect The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities... 12. Name at least two ways to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. a. b.

24 Sexual Harassment Is Coerced, Unethical And Unwanted Intimacy Remarks, teasing, flirting Gestures Graffiti, notes, or sign Rude sounds Whistling suggestively Jokes about sex Derogatory rumors Unwelcome touching

25 Quiz 13. List actions and/or words that would fall under the definition of “sexual harassment,” which is “coerced, unwanted, and unethical intimacy.” a. Remarks, teasing, flirting e. Whistling suggestively b. f. c. Graffiti, notes, or sign g. d. h.

26 Avoiding, Resisting, Or Fighting Discrimination You can turn and walk away You may use positive resistance, with patience Do not resort to revenge--vandalizing, assault, verbal abuse File a grievance. Ask for an investigation Contact an attorney Contact a local human rights agency or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

27 Quiz 14. How can you avoid, resist, or fight discrimination? Name three ways. a. b. c.

28 Conclusion Learning about and accepting diversity can improve your interpersonal effectiveness and increase your personal and professional opportunities.

29 Do Your Homework Learn about other cultures. Know respectful behavior. Learn tolerance. “recognition of and respect for the opinions, practices or behavior of others.”

30 “Aggressive fighting for the right is the greatest sport in the world.” ---Theodore Roosevelt Quiz 15. Why is it important to understand and accept workplace diversity?

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