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Respect in the Workplace

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1 Respect in the Workplace
Culture of Respect What is Respect Diversity Harassment/Discrimination What to do about it?

2 ASC Culture of Respect We agree to show respect for all with our words and actions that reflect that we recognize other people as human beings Is there anyone who wants to be treated with disrespect? PAUSE after last question

3 The Golden Rule Treat human beings as you want to be treated as a human being

4 We are all the same Human Beings Feelings/emotions
We all feel pain, we all bleed in we are cut Work to provide for ourselves and our families We expect to be treated with respect At work In a restaurant At the bank At the doctor’s office We all feel hurt by name calling

5 Types of Disrespect Discrimination Stereotyping Harassment Bullying

6 Discrimination Discrimination – with our words or actions we treat certain individuals or groups differently ASC Services ASC Workplace Discrimination – refusing to serve food or sell books to Asian students Treating them differently from other students; can be as simple as asking everyone if you want pickles with their sandwich. If you asked threes students ahead me if the wanted pickles and I am a black student I wonder why what is different? Good Customer service at all times helps to avoid different treatment which is the basis for discrimination. Offer to assist only female coworkers and not male coworker is discrimination. If ASC only gave leave of absence for men with broken legs or ruptured appendixes but not to women who have a baby. Treating men and women with medical emergencies differently. A foreign exchange student from U.K. who order “ chips” with her hamburger while pointing at French fries. The employee told the student “learn to speak English.” She was speaking English. Here is a strange country that took a lot of bravery. Treating this way was disrespectful. Pop vs. Soda Bars vs. Cookies

7 Stereotypes *We give everyone in a certain group the same attributes
The attributes do not have to be negative *We are all different, even within groups * We put others in boxes ANOTHER TYPE OF DISRESPECT THAT CONTRIBUTES TO DISCRIMINATION What are some stereotypes? All __________blank_______are All muslems are terrorists. All homosexual men are effeminate. All homosexual women are tough. Anyone who likes country music is a redneck. All college students like greasy, fried, fast food. All vegetarians are weird. Anyone who graduated from college is stuck up. All older people are hard of hearing EVEN WITHIN GROUPS WE ARE DIFFERENT Just look at this group a lot of us may see a group of people like us but even in the group we are different. Age, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, educations, our families are all different. Each of us has something to offer the this workplace and this campus. What ideas will not be heard because of stereotypes????

8 Harassment Harassment – with our words or actions we make the workplace uncomfortable and hostile for individuals or groups

9 Sexual Harrassment Hostile behavior based on someone’s gender
Quid Pro Quo – This for that Hostile behavior because someone is a woman or a man – this can include men harassing men and women harassing women Sundowner case Charm school lawyer Sexual favors for workplace benefits like a promotion or to keep your job Menitor savings bank

10 Harassment -Hostile Environment
Unwanted Physical Verbal Visual Hostile means “of the enemy” Hostile fire in war is gunshots from the enemy TYPES Touching, Barricading Jokes, slurs, slang, nicknames, name calling Posters, defacing someone picture, , screen savers

11 Harassment Some harassment is simply not understanding what is disrespectful to others who are different And some harassment is willful From the video, we need to understand what is offending to others.

12 Bullying A form of harassment - the willful, conscious desire to hurt another and put him/her under stress Social alienation - Jokes Gossiping - Name calling Embarrassing others - Physical violence Rumors Threats Taking personal items 20 Rein of terror Truly of the enemy – hostile on purpose School yard bully who takes your lunch money – does he know this will hurt you – yes Gossiping about others because they do not have anything constructive or positive in their own lives Alienate new employees because they are afraid of sharing what few friends they have; they have trouble making friends

13 Bullying Victims are often weaker or in a position of subordination
Acts out only when others are not around Hiding their own inadequacies Research has shown are often abusers of family members Biggest kid on the playground Older, more senior, been around longer; Full time employee to student employee Supervisor, professor or police – positions of power The school yard bully acts when the teacher is not around; when the supervisor is not around; because they cannot deal with the consequences; because they know what they are doing is wrong Hiding inadequacies SHOW STRIP CLUB VIDEO

14 What is unacceptable at ASC?
Illegal Unwelcomed Change work conditions Based on protected criteria Severe/multiple occasions ASC Disrespectful Unacceptable to ASC does not require it to be illegal Illegal what you hear about on the news regarding court cases.

15 We are diverse, respect may mean different things to different people
Understand that differences exist Talking with your coworkers and watch the body language Being flexible to new ideas and ways of doing things Read articles or watch television programs that highlight other cultures Really listen watch body language – overweight man – did he laugh, wince, hesitate.

16 How to prevent disrespecting others
Think before you speak – “Will this offend someone?” “Am I SURE?” G-rated workplace Not everyone shares your attitudes and comfort levels Avoid negative comments about others She is really stupid He is strange 30 Discuss movie ratings some things belong or don’t belong in the workplace

17 How to prevent disrespecting others
Avoid spreading rumors and gossip Jokes – fun or play is never at the expense of someone else Nicknames should not be given Nicknames – calling anyone by anything but their first name or Mr. Smith or Mrs. Brown or Ms. Johnson or a name they have told you to call them. Calling people by their last name only is disrespectful, calling everyone by some silly name like Herb or Joe Do not use Honey, Sweetie, Do we do some of these thing unconsciously – I call everyone that. Sue pointed out once that when I describe someone as a kid it was male and when I called them a student they were always female.

18 How to prevent disrespecting others
Socialization in the workplace is normal Some behaviors are not professional Asking someone out Discussing private matters at work Displays of affection are not appropriate in the workplace. Asking someone out once is fine; repeatedly asking someone becomes disrespectful and perhaps harassing. Asking someone out should take place outside of work – after work, call them on the phone.

19 How to prevent disrespecting others
Respect personal space Never assume touching is welcome Beware of offensive gestures Remember other cultures interpret them differently Thumb’s up in Greece or Iraq means “up yours” All fingers extended ,palm down and thrust at the person in Greece is an extreme offense Japan – four fingers extended, thumb in, palm down thrust at a person is very offensive

20 How to prevent disrespecting others
Pictures Defiling someone’s photo Suggestive cartoons, calendars and other Threats Anyone think a picture that would be a treat? Noose, knife, torn Show video “In this together” This video clip is part of a video that asks and answers several questions – the ones we will view are #4 If what I say offends you … I will wait until you are not around I’m just being real I’ll stop #5 What is the rule about sexual attraction at work? Look don’t touch Look if they want you to Don’t look don’t touch

21 What to do with disrespect?
Disrespect based on the protect factors: race, gender, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, genetic predisposition, carrier status, veteran status, or martial status should be reported immediately to a manager, the Human Resources Manager or the Executive Director according the Non Discrimination Non Harassment Policy Remember we talked about some disrespect is more horrible than others. ASC has two ways to deal with each of the types of disrespect.

22 Other Disrespect Address the person who is committing the disrespect because of non-protected factors Pick a good time Eliminate emotions Be specific Ask them to stop Listen to the harasser’s response “ When you tease me in front of others it embarrasses me. I would like you to stop.”

23 Other disrespect If the behavior continues or retaliation occurs when you confront non-protected disrespect please notify your manager, the Human Resources Manager and the Executive Director.

24 I did not mean to disrespect you
Accept their feelings Apologize for not understanding their point of view Agree not to do it again Do not repeat that behavior in the workplace You do not have to agree or disagree. This isn’t about right and wrong it is about do unto others.

25 Responsibility We are all responsible for the reasonable perceptions of our own behavior Perception is reality Victim’s perspective rules Doug Gillogly bull whip incident

26 Culture of Respect We agree to show respect for all with our words and actions that reflect that we recognize other people as human beings

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