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WWII Timeline 1933-1945.

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1 WWII Timeline

2 1933 Hitler Comes to Power

3 1936 Hitler takes back the Rhineland

4 1937 Germany Annexes Austria Hitler's arrival in Austria

5 1938 Germany starts to take over Czechoslovakia(Sudetenland)

6 1939 March-Finish dividing Czechoslovakia
August 23- Non Aggression pact between Russia & Germany Sept 1-Germany attacks Poland Sept 3- Britain & France declare war on Germany Sept 3- FDR announces American Neutralist Sept 17- Russia attacks Eastern Poland Nov 30- Russia invades Finland Russia attacking Poland 

7 1940 Jan-April- “Phony War” April 9- Germany invades Norway
May 10- Germany invades Belgium, Holland, & Luxembourg May 12- Germany invades France May 26-June 4- Miracle at Dunkirk June 22- France falls to Germany(divided in ½) July 10- Germany begins bombing Britain Sept 7- Blitz begins Sept 27- Germany, Italy, & Japan sign Tripartite Pact Oct 28- Italy invades Greece

8 1941 Feb- Rommel moves into North Africa May- British sink the Bismark
May-June – Stalin ignores warnings of German attack July 24- Japan invades IndoChina (vietnam) Aug 1- U.S cuts off oil supplies to Japan Aug 28- Germany invades Russia (Leningrad) Sept- Germany attacks U.S naval ships Nov 26- Japan advances towards Hawaii - 6 aircraft carriers

9 1941 continued… Dec 5,6- Germans dig in around Moscow, cold weather stalls Germany, Russians counter and push Germans back Dec 7- Japan attacks Pearl Harbor Dec 8- U.S declares war on Japan Dec 9- Japan attacks MacArthur planes in Philippians Dec 10- Guam falls to Japan Dec 11- Hitler declares war on U.S Dec 22- Wake Is. Fall to Japanese

10 1942 Jan 2- Manila falls to Japanese
Jan 20- Hitler plans “Final Solution” to Jewish problem Feb 20- FDR- ok’s internment camps removing Japanese Americans (110,000) Feb 27- March 1- Japan wins naval battle of Java Sea March 11- MacArthur leaves Philippians “I shall Return” April 9- 12,000 American soldiers surrender to Japanese April 10- Bataan Death March (85 miles in 6 days) April 18- Doolittle Raids

11 1942 continued… May- Japanese naval codes broken by American Joseph Rochefort May 2-8 – The battle of Coral Sea, total fight done by air June- Germany turns attention to Southern oil fields of Russia (Stalingrad<-Sept 3) June 3&4- Battle of Midway, Japan looses 4 aircraft carriers June 21- Rommel in N.Africa captures Tobruk leaving clear road to Egyptian oil fields

12 Battle of Midway

13 1942 continued again… Aug 7- U.S captures Guadalcanal fighting continues through December Sept- Rommel runs out of gas Oct 23-Nov 4 – 2nd Battle of El Alamein-pushes Rommel back Nov 8-13 – American troops land in N.Africa Nov 19- Germans trapped around Stalingrad

14 Europe in 1942

15 1943 Tiger Tank Jan 31- Germany surrenders in Stalingrad
Feb 9- Battle for Guadalcanal ends - 1,752 US died - 24,000 Japanese died Feb Fighting in N.Africa Sherman tank defected by German Tiger Tank March 9- Rommel leaves N.Africa April 1- food rationing begins in U.S April 19- Massacre of Jews in Warsaw begins Sherman Tank

16 1943 continued… May 9-14- Germans & Italians in N.Africa surrender
July U.S & British invade Sicily, taken August 17th July 12- Zitadelte greatest tank battle in History Germany vs. Russia July 25- Mussolini arrested by Italian police Sept 8- Italy surrenders to Allied forces Sept 10- Germany forces outer Rome & take over the country Oct 13- Italy declares war on Germany Nov U.S Marines attack Gilbert Islands Nov 28-Dec 1- “Big Three” meet in Tetra, Iran

17 1944 Jan-June- Massive buildup of troops in Southern England
Jan 22- Allied troops land in Italy (Anzio) March 6- U.S first attacks Berlin 660 Bombers, 800 fighters June 4- U.S forces liberate Rome & Italy June 6- D-Day “operation overload” July 10- City of Caen is take back by Allies July 30- Patton’s Third army breaks out of Normandy to the south Aug 10- Americans recapture Guam Aug Allied forces liberate Paris

18 1944 continued… Sept 17-25- Operation Market Garden- Failure
Oct 14- Rommel commits suicide Oct 20- MacArthur returns to Philippines Oct Leyte Gulf- Japanese loss, first Kamakazees Dec 16- Battle of the Bulge, through Jan

19 1945 Feb 4-11- Yalta conference on the Black Sea
Feb 19-March 26- Iwo Jima March 29- Bombing of Tokyo April-June 22- The Battle of Okinawa April 12-FDR dies - Eisenhower discovers “Death” camps April 30- Hitler commits suicide May 2- German Army in Italy surrenders May 7- Germans sign a surrender

20 1945 continued… May 7- Germans sign a surrender May 8- VE Day
July 16- Detonation of A-bomb in New Mexico Aug 6-A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima Aug 9- A-bomb dropped on Nagasaki Aug 15- VJ-Day Sept 2-Surrender Ceremonies, USS Missouri

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