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Fighting World War II Chapter 24 Sections 2 and 3.

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1 Fighting World War II Chapter 24 Sections 2 and 3

2 Americans Mobilize for War  Atlantic Charter –Winston Churchill (Great Britain) and FDR (America) –Set foundation for the United Nations  The GI War  Diversity in the Armed Forces –Navajo code talkers –Af. Am; Mex. Am, Jap.  Women in the Armed Forces; support positions primarily

3 Fighting in North Africa and Italy  The Battle of the Atlantic –Convoy system –U-boat “wolf packs”  The North Africa Campaign –German General Erwin “Desert Fox” Rommel –Casablanca Conference  The Invasion of Italy –Patton takes Sicily –Mussolini overthrown –“Bloody Anzio”

4 War in the Soviet Union  The Germans Advance, 1941-1942 –3.6 Million Germans advance into the Soviet Union –“Scorched earth” policy –Stalin begs for support  The Battle of Stalingrad –Russian army takes advantage of Russian winter –Red Army launches an assault –Turning point of the war in the east

5 The Invasion of Western Europe  The Air War –The RAF bomb Germany  Carpet bombing –Allied bombing to soften Germany for an invasion  Preparation for Invasion –Buildup of troops in England –Coast of France prepares for war  D-Day (June 6, 1944) –Largest landing force in history invade Normandy  Battle of the Bulge –American forces move into western Germany –Nazi counterattack in Dec. 1944 –General Patton brings reinforcements and U.S. stops German advance –Last chance for Germany to hold off Allies and defend homeland

6 War Ends in Europe  The Soviets Advance –Move on Berlin  U.S. moves from west  Soviets move from east –Eastern front –Soviets take Berlin in April 1945  Germany Surrenders –Hitler commits suicide on May 1, 1945 –Germany surrenders on May 8, 1945  V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day)  The Yalta Conference –Stalin, Churchill, and FDR (the big three) –Split Germany –Stalin promised to enter war in the Pacific

7 The War in the Pacific  The Japanese Advance –Clark Field –The Philippines Fall  General Macarthur forced to escape –“I will return”  Bataan Death March –The Battle of Coral Sea  First aircraft carrier battle in history  Prevented Japanese assault on Australia  Allied Victories Turn the Tide –The Battle of Midway  Japan tries to lure rest of U.S. fleet  Japan loses all 4 aircraft carriers –The Battle of Guadalcanal  11,000 marines fight Japan in the jungles

8 The War in the Pacific (cont.)  Struggle for the Islands –Island-Hopping  U.S. trying to get closer to Japan –The Philippines Campaign  Macarthur – “I have returned”  Battle of Leyte Gulf –Kamikazes –Japan loses most of its navy  Iwo Jima and Okinawa –Iwo Jima  25,000 Japanese hold off 110,000 marines for over a month –Okinawa  Kamikaze and banzai fighters  Bloody victory

9 Winning the Pacific  The Manhattan Project – secret project to develop an atomic bomb –Albert Einstein/Enrico Fermi  Jewish physicist  Told FDR of capabilities of nuclear weapons –July 16, 1945, 1 st nuclear bomb tested in New Mexico  The Decision to Drop the Bomb  Harry S. Truman  Japan Surrenders –August 6, 1945  “Little Boy” dropped on Hiroshima –August 9, 1945  “Fat Man” dropped on Nagasaki –August 15, 1945  V-J Day (Victory in Japan Day)  Sept. 2, 1945 official surrender


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